A taste of their own medicine

There is yet another beneficial aspect to the bussing of illegals to welcoming, open-armed blue destinations that hasn't yet been mentioned.

A large part of the purpose in allowing illegals into the country involves using them to punish and harass the working and middle classes — particularly the white elements.

There's nothing new here.  This has been the agenda since the second phase of the civil rights movement began in the 1970s.  Forced bussing was largely intended to punish blue-collar Boston whites, and affirmative action was deliberately designed to antagonize the largest possible number of white job- and higher education–seekers.

So there's no mystery as to why illegals have been brought into the country and then deliberately dispatched to blue-collar and middle-class towns across the U.S.  Things like that don't just happen, comrades — they're made to happen.

This takes on a particularly sinister edge when we consider the number of active professional criminals being brought in from Central American countries — particularly members of El Salvador's MS-13, one of the most vicious, murderous gangs on the face of the Earth.  Since the '60s, the left has considered career criminals the spearhead of the "revolutionary vanguard," crucial in creating the social chaos and terror that would lead to a revolutionary situation that they, the leftist elite, could take advantage of.  (It's no coincidence that many of the founders of MS-13 were deeply involved in El Salvador's civil war.)  Wokies don't just want whities to suffer — they want to hear them scream while they do.

That's why it's important — and a good thing — for Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to rub the urban elite's noses into their own mess.  For decades, the metro political machines have exported their own social and legal problems to exurban and rural areas.  It's about time the tables were turned.  One tip, though: The best picks for a long bus ride would be men with facial tattoos.  San Francisco, NYC, and L.A. would appreciate them most of all.

Image: Department of the Treasury.

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