What the Republican Party needs

Lots to complain about, and my friends are doing a lot of that.  This article brings the complaint to a point.

The author argues persuasively about the reason Republican's won't prevail in the ESG debate.  We agree on many issues; however, I would only disagree on the outcome, because it is still in process.  ESG has a principle; it's wrong, it's destructive, but they sure believe in it.  Republicans today lack the unifying principle on which our party was formed.

I would condense this reason into "the Republican party lacks the unifying principle and the understanding of the principle."

For instance, the Christian Right are all about abortion, the NeverTrumps are about Never Trump, the MAGA guys are into Only Trump.  The big-gov Rs are into using government to enrich themselves and their shareholders.  They all lack the principle.  The left unifies under an evil banner, and the right eats its young.

Human nature tends toward divisiveness, chaos, disorder, strife — its base instinct.  Without a governing principle, the destructive form of human nature want to be controlled and be made to" feel" safe in the hands of a powerful entity.  This is because they lack the higher consciousness to control themselves.  These people want a controlling central power.

Harmony, concord, and unity require a higher level of awareness, this requires rational and principled thought.  A higher level of consciousness, of awareness, requires and reveals a deeper understanding of Principle.  These folks are capable of self-governance and truly abhor the concept of control. 

Humbly, I suggest that the author missed the point of Milton Friedman on shareholder primacy.  Milton stated the primacy argument because, at heart, he believed in the principle of the primacy of the individual.  ESG is not an outgrowth, but an aberration, a manipulation.

I would prefer that Trump not run (but I'll vote for him if he does) because he lacks an understanding of the principle.  Given a choice between Trump and Biden, my answer is obvious.  Much as I like the ideas in the Libertarian Party, I don't believe they have the mass of votes to win an election.  I also suspect that 2024 will be another loser year.  Trump and the two warring camps will see to it.

Is there a unifying principle?

When Abraham Lincoln ran for president in the 1850s, the Republican Party had begun to form up and coalesced under a unifying principle, just like the goodness that allowed formation of the nation in 1776.  It was a marvel of hard work and synchronicity: a new party won the general election.

If we extend the concept of the evil of slavery, we can see that any individual controlled by any form of government is evil.  Therefore, the basis of the Civil War is the freedom that accrues to all people, regardless of color.  Lincoln, and the first Republicans, were freeing all people from the yoke of control.  One hundred fifty years later, we are still fighting the eternal battle.

What is the pivotal point in each of these two events? 

A uniting principle. 

That principle is the sanctity of the individual.  Another way of describing this principle is the God-given right of individuals to live in freedom and liberty with the responsibility that comes therewith. 

I think we can eventually prevail, but we are only in the wake-up stage of our century-long sleep.  Next comes the unifying principle.

Jay Davidson is the founder and CEO of a commercial bank.  He is a student of the Austrian School of Economics and a rabid capitalist.  He believes there is a direct connection between individual right and responsibility, our Constitution, capitalism, and the intent of our Creator.

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