Thirty months of lies about Jan. 6

The Biden administration's blatant treatment of individuals who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 as if they were murderous terrorists or insurrectionists is unprecedented in our history.

To be sure, a small handful committed acts of vandalism, trespassing, and intimidation.  But most of the people whom Biden is holding did not merit harsh treatment.  In many instances, some were held for months in solitary confinement and were denied their fundamental liberties as American citizens.

America, founded on the Constitution and its amendments, guarantees rights to the individual.  We are a republic, where laws are to prevail, to be administered impartially.  Unlawful search and seizure is not permitted.  Due process matters.

Allegedly, we're the land of the free and the home of the brave, the beacon of democracy, the country immigrants from around the globe strive to reach, and the best example on Earth of a free people in a free land.

Many of the people who entered the Capitol that day were ushered in by the Capitol guards.  They simply walked through doors that were held open for them.  The claims of insurrection are entirely ridiculous.  How do you mount an insurrection with virtually no armaments?

We have since learned that Capitol police, the FBI, and numerous "law" enforcement personnel baited, prompted, encouraged, and ushered peaceful protesters into the Capitol.  Nearly all occupiers either had a plane reservation or car ride scheduled for that evening or for the next day.

These protesters did not seek to stay beyond their short sojourn.  No organized attempt to "overthrow" the U.S. government was in play, and every single Biden official and rational member of Congress is well aware of that.

The libstream press, as is customary, has buried the truth: the ranks of actual Trump-supporters were heavily infiltrated by law enforcement officers, Antifa, and actual insurrectionists.  These groups sought to establish a false flag, making it appear as if President Trump and his supporters sought to overthrow the government.

In reality, Trump-supporters did not seek to overthrow the United States government.  This is total fabrication, well known by anybody who is familiar with the facts.

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, was slain by a Capitol guard.  Babbitt did not pose a threat, carried no weapon, and did nothing to earn her fate.

Meanwhile, numerous Americans still incarcerated by the Biden administration have been mistreated.  Film footage from inside of the Capitol, finally released to the public with no cuts on footage, reveals legions of misdeeds by those who sought to blame Trump-supporters.

The Biden administration and its incalculably unlawful, undemocratic, and horrendous approach to administering justice are actively thwarting these incarcerated individuals from receiving lawful and constitutional protections.  Justice needs to be served both before and during the legal proceedings.

Biden, political dupe that he is, and his many handlers are unconcerned.  They have the sycophantic, propagandist press on their side.  They have conned multimillions of gullible Democrats, progressives, and liberals.  Many feel that Biden is a righteous man, that his administration is fair and just, and that the Capitol protesters are in partnership with evil.  As usual in this decade, just the opposite is true.

For more than two decades, the Department of Justice has displayed inexcusable acts of prosecutorial misconduct.  Today's prosecuting attorneys at the DoJ seek convictions by any means available, lawful or not.  At will, they withhold evidence, delay court cases, and bleed the persecuted financially dry.  Their 97% conviction rate signals that the U.S. has become a banana republic.

The social gatekeepers of information and communication, including the wannabe autocrats at Google, Amazon, and Facebook, do not fool us with their rigged algorithms and "community standards," which is code for censorship.  Their manipulation of information, the veiled viewpoint that they push, and the gaslighting in which they've been engaged, for decades, will not defeat us.  We're aware of their aims: to control the masses, forever to be led by a fraudulently elected ruling class, backed by über-liberal billionaires who believe they are anointed for greatness.

Going forward, expect to encounter more "news" coverage that misrepresents the actual events of January 6.  Don't fall for any of it.

Image: TapTheForwardAssist

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