The dangers of a post-science society

A biological male with superficial features of a woman won the Miss Netherlands contest earlier this month and will go on to represent the Netherlands in the Miss Universe pageant later this year.  

Too bad for women’s rights and “following the science.”

Regardless of trends overseas that have manifested themselves here in America, if the United States is to continue to advance as a science and technology superpower, we must again teach our students from the youngest age that 1 + 1 = 2, and only 2.  As in, one unique male gender plus one unique female gender equals two unique genders, and only two unique genders.

Never in the history of the world has a society been so confused about sex and gender.  Yet, esteemed academicians that fancy themselves to be intelligent have apparently convinced the titans of sports, business, industry, and pageantry that gender is fluid because XX and XY are somehow malleable.

In the real-world, XX and XY are hard-wired realities and no amount of drugging and butchering of the human body will change that.

The good news is that the mind, which believes that chemical and physical changes can alter XX and XY, can be changed.

A muddled mind has been a welcome challenge to the mental health profession in the past; yet the profession seems to have given up or cowered to the new idea that your thoughts can alter who you are in reality.

Fortunately, just as time and reason vanquished the pseudo sciences of astrology, alchemy, eugenics, and Lysenkoism, a modern, advanced culture can conquer the fantasy of multi-genderism.

Victory over non-science is not achieved by succumbing to confused thinking by accepting, applauding, and promoting it. Compelling others to accede to faulty logic through employment programs such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) only compounds the confusion.

Most Americans are liberally open to the views of others. They will listen to and tolerate all reasonable assertions and positions. Americans are pleased with their level of overall tolerance and have generally taken a “live and let live” attitude to diversions from what they see as “normal.”

Nevertheless, when untoward convictions, masquerading as facts, are imposed on people of commonsense, a revulsion develops.

Commonsense cuts to the chase when it comes to the basics of life, which includes mating and survival. Without mating there would be no survival. And no human since the dawn of humans needed to be told what side of the sex divide they were on.

Unknowingly applying the basic scientific method that includes observation, hypothesis, and testing, even ancients discovered the science of sex. They observed their genitalia, hypothesized being male or female based on their observation, and intelligently went with what they saw, since this was one time testing evidently was not necessary.

Who would have guessed that what was apparent to our unenlightened ancestors is apparently abstruse to today’s intelligentsia and those befuddled by these literati

A return to basic science is desperately needed -- a return to the science of the real.

Scientists and non-scientists alike must stand up to anti-science ideas and to their promotion through bullying via fanaticized and politicized pseudoscience, its scientists, and its purveyors.

Forcing anti-science ideas on people can confuse them into rejecting true science and what authentic science promotes. This increases the challenge of encouraging the public to trust in trustworthy medicines and vaccines and to practice healthy lifestyle choices (like avoiding excessive smoking and drinking and dysfunctional fantasies).

But it’s more serious than just demoralizing and confusing the public on health and wellness issues.

We can be sure that our biggest global competitor and enemy, China, is not secretly plotting to destroy the U.S. through better DEI programs or through more effectively erasing gender distinctions. Rather, as the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun-Tzu might say if he were alive today: “A nation that cowers to men in dresses is a nation ripe for defeat by men in uniform.”

Image: Anthony J. Sadar

Anthony J. Sadar earned graduate degrees in environmental science and science education. His science career of 40+ years has been divided among work in government, academia, and consulting.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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