How about an honest headline and article from MSNBC for a change?

It would read. "The media will eventually be forced to cover the history of Biden family corruption,” instead of

Hunter Biden can't stop gifting the GOP with potential scandals

Allegations about Hunter Biden’s art sales could cause a new political headache.

Another potential Hunter Biden scandal appears to be brewing. This time it’s about his foray into the world of fine art and a media report that he sold art with a high price tag to a Democratic donor.

Biden’s attempt to break into the art world was always going to look bad. Now it could become yet another political headache for President Joe Biden as Republicans dog him for his son’s history of misconduct and impropriety. And it comes as Hunter Biden’s plea deal over federal tax charges unexpectedly unraveled Wednesday.

This article makes it appear that Joe is an innocent bystander in the Biden Crime family's business of lining the family's pockets with kickbacks when the truth is Joe was always the head of the family crime business.

Hunter Biden didn't fly on government jets around the World just to keep his dad company. He flew to get kickbacks for the family, and Joe has clearly lied for years that he had no idea what Hunter or Joe's brother did in business and that no one in Joe's family ever made money from foreign countries.

Sadly, MSNBC, along with most of the media, has covered up for the criminal activity of the Bidens and Clintons for years because all they care about is winning elections. They ran lies about Trump and Russian collusion for years with no evidence, but no matter how much evidence they have that Joe Biden participated in business deals with Hunter, they intentionally lie to the public that there is no evidence.

And they knew the truth in 2020 when they buried the story of Hunter's laptop by spreading the lie that it was Russian disinformation. And they clearly have no interest in finding out about the classified documents in Joe's garage, and elsewhere, or who brought the cocaine to the White House… because Joe is a Democrat.

They also don't care how incompetent Joe obviously is. 

Most of the media is worthless since all they have become is a campaign and propaganda arm for the Democrat party pushing the radical leftist agenda to remake, destroy America.

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