Lia Thomas puts on an 'antifa super-soldier' t-shirt

Apparently, all the swimming honors in the world didn't make transgender college swim champ Lia Thomas a very happy person.

So, with a mirthless smile and menacing dark glasses, he's put on an "antifa super soldier" t-shirt.

According to antifa-watching investigative reporter Andy Ngo:

One of the authentic women Thomas placed ahead of based on his male biology in these college swimming matches, Riley Gaines, summed up the matter as many of us would:



It's interesting that she noted that Thomas was a narcissist -- something she must know about him by being in close proximity. Might he be posing in that t-shirt for the shock value, the prospect of getting others to pay attention to him yet again, now that the applause has faded? It might not eveen be authentic, just a stunt to draw a rise out of his critics.


Or might it be a genuine interest in the aims and thugcraft of antifa, an ugly, violent, radical group completely on the margins of society, yet bizarrely aligned with the aims of the ruling Democrat establishment?

It could be that, too.

We know there is a radical transgender movement called 'trantifa' which seeks to impose its agenda on the public through violence and terror -- assaulting those who dissent with its claims about human biology being malleable, and terrorizing those who dare speak out. Gaines herself has been a victim of them.

There also have reportedly been at least five trans mass shooters in the past months whose motives appear to be linked to forcing the trans agenda onto an unwilling public.

In Tennessee, a Christian school was targeted by a crazed trans activist mass shooter, with significant casualties, who wrote a manitesto of aims that has yet to be released by police. There are people like this out there on the fringes and it's very interesting that Thomas has chosen to embrace them. 

Athletes who join radical causes are not unknown, of course, but they tend to be athletes on the skids, such as Colin Kaepernick, whose career as an NFL quarterback had already peaked when he introduced his concept of "taking a knee" at professional football games to show disrespect for the American flag.

Thomas is supposedly the champ sensation of the women's swimming world, taking virtually all the medals as a biological male who competed as a female in the past few years. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2022, so perhaps he knows the applause is over.

You'd think that he'd be happy with his laurels, and uninclined to join a crazed radical group such as antifa, given that he's "proven" his ability to outdo women, but somehow we see the opposite.

Might that knowledge that he's some kind of phony imitation of a woman be propelling his strange move towards the angry, marginalized freaks and mutants who populate the violent antifa movement? Eric Hoffer, writing in his 1951 masterpiece on the nature of fanatics, The True Believer, did note that revolutions attract certain kinds of malcontents, the "inordinately selfish," and the "misfits" who can't change what is wrong with themselves, so they seek to change the world instead.

If so, Thomas would hardly be unique, and his embrace of antifa might just have been all but foreordained.

Ngo has some important thoughts on why Thomas was all but certain to embrace antifa and its violent aims, too, noting:

As the Daily Wire's Jack Crain and Riley Gaines reported earlier this year, Thomas has two Instagram accounts, one public, @liakthomas, and one private, @liathimas.


It was earlier revealed that Thomas had, using the private account, liked a number of posts about autogynephilia, "a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female."

He noted that Thomas has a "girlfriend" who is also a transgender female named Gwen Weiskopf whose account is open to the public. This person apparently has taken Thomas into the world of throuples and group sex, sadomasochism (BDSM) which would explain the series of belts being worn by Thomas in the photo, and various forms of devil worship and witchcraft. He may also, as Crain's thread on twitter here shows, have gotten himself mutilated alongside Weiskopf. 

That doesn't sound like a formula for happiness. It sounds shallow, self-indulgent and rather hellbound. That may have made Thomas easy pickings for antifa, or someone attracted to antifa, which can only mean viler and nastier things to come as he gets absorbed into this group's activities.

Or, it may just have been a reflection of his values, or a desire to shock others with his values. Whatever it is, happy people don't do these things, no matter how big and mirthless their smiles for the Instagrams. This is one miserable creature.



Image: Twitter screen shot

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