Karine Jean-Pierre: Racial preferences are an 'important constitutional right'

Employing the euphemism "affirmative action," President Biden's press secretary claimed that there is a constitutional right to receive preferential treatment based on one's race.  She was discussing recent Supreme Court decisions on MSNBC with host Ari Melber and made the extraordinary claim without citing any language in the Constitution — because of course there isn't any to support her and, contrarily, language in the 14th Amendment that prohibits it.

The bogus claim came a minute into a nearly five-and-a-half-minute, very friendly interview and did not elicit any pushback from the host, or even any audible reaction to the claim.  KJP never directly addressed his question about what the Biden administration planned to do beyond unspecified "executive action."

 The remained of the friendly interview contained a number of obviously planned buzzwords that were repeated, such as "unprecedented" to describe the Supreme Court's recent decisions.

Of course, the media will never ask where in the Constitution there is a right to racial preferences or "affirmative action."  I suppose that is part of the preferences that she enjoys in her job.


Photo credit: Grabien video screen grab.

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