Little-known history of the 'Pride' flag and its creator sets things straight

It all started with a Truth:

I had to verify, so I surfed over to the National Archives.  As it turns out, President Trump's post is only partly true, but only because it is an old Truth; now, six and a half years after Barack Obama left with the records, the federal bureau has 611 pages uploaded, or 0.002% of the total.

"In the meantime," the website implores the viewer to check out the little work they have done, which I did, and as I scrolled through the "artifacts" collection, I came across this:

Huh?  Eight colors? We've all seen the six-stripe abomination, a sly counterfeit of God's covenant promise, but eight?  The description of the image identifies the creator of the flag as Gilbert Baker and also notes that the "hot pink" band found right at the very top, and not present on the modern design, stands for..."sex" or "sexuality."

As I did some digging, I discovered that Baker was a very close friend of infamous pederast Harvey Milk, and in fact, it was Milk who first tapped Baker to design a new symbol for their movement.  Prior to that, the activists had been using a pink triangle, which was...a Nazi creation (yes, really).  From the main San Francisco travel website:

The pink triangle, once imposed by Nazis to identify and persecute homosexuals, had been reclaimed in the 70s as a bold symbol of remembrance and action against persecution. It is still widely used, often alongside or superimposed upon the Rainbow Flag.

Ummm, "appropriate" or "repurpose" would be more accurate, as you can't "reclaim" something that wasn't yours to begin with.  These people are literally adopting Nazi horrors, which, to be honest, is completely consistent with their entire existence.

More facts emerge at the Gilbert Baker Foundation website:

Gilbert called it [8-stripe original] 'the rainbow of humanity' and the flag's colors represent elements in all of us: Sex...

Again, the first thing on these people's minds is sex.  And "all of us"?  Is that just a poor choice of words or a Freudian slip?  Are children included in this "all of us" statement?  Does Baker happen to be a devout adherent to the perversions of Alfred Kinsey?  (Valid questions, given the company that Baker kept.)

So what else do we know about Baker?  Well, the name of his cross-dressing alter-ego was "Busty Ross" — a buxom nod to his flag-making notoriety — and at one point, Baker apparently protested a "ban of sexually explicit Internet forums."

We were told the movement is, and always has been, about things like love, acceptance, equality, and freedom.  Yet from the get-go, the self-proclaimed creator of the first-ever Pride flag identified "sex" as the pre-eminent ethic.

Contradict much?

Image: Public domain via National Archives.

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