Even Democrats can see what's wrong with Joe Biden

I was raised in a prominent Democrat family after WWII.   Americans had to adjust to change, including loved ones lost, returning veterans, employment, and family life.  Citizens turned to the good and great about their country.  Political leaders from both parties solved problems, and consensus was the measure of success.  Many called this "the Greatest Generation."

I am confident that the historic roots of the Democrat party — "God, Family, and Country" — contributed to our nation's recovery.  But, like me, many of what I call traditional Democrats have seen their party leave them.  

We only need to read the massive negative statistics that prove Americans know something is wrong — a nation being torn apart and divided.  In today's world, we see many names that define groups who use hate to achieve power.  Examples include communist, socialist, Marxist, progressives, LGBTQ+, religion and family haters.  I could go on.  These forces have coalesced, knowing they must destroy America's culture and identity to achieve their goals.  This change has happened over years, but it needed a special leader, someone who would sanction the society-killers and infiltrate every aspect of families, religion, education, parental rights, government, the press, and social Media.

Joe Biden was elected in 2020 and was quickly identified as ideal.  Biden had made the choice to leave his historic Democrat roots and become a Progressive.  His background was perfect: plagiarism, habit of misleading facts and content, dysfunctional family and father, sexual perversion, questionable religious values, a career of telling stories that aren't true, and a protective press.

Because of Biden's age, questions have been raised about whether Biden is capable of understanding his actions.  I am reminded of this biblical thought: "What comes out of the mouth comes from the heart; the words you speak will reflect what's in your heart."

Joe's mouth has now propelled him to spokesperson for the liberal left.  Biden has fallen under control of storm troopers who hate the country and religion.  They have their own ideas or philosophies on government power and control.  They show contempt for the two-party system, and those challenging their views are called racist or white supremacist.

Understanding how President Joe Biden operates starts with noting his oath of office — to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."  This is a bedrock principle of constitutional law.  But Biden has manipulated laws to assist the storm troopers and further their agenda.  Joe Biden has empowered society-destroyers to erode our country's belief in God, Family, and Country.

George Washington stated his conviction that "religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society."  Let's look at Joe Biden's commitment to religion and morality.  My Bible understanding and observation have convinced me that Biden is not someone who shows respect for his religion, which is to say the Catholic Church's moral code, and natural law.  He is the biblical example of one who beats his chest — "look, I am a Catholic, I take communion" — but is a heretic and answers only to his own religion and god.

Simple examples demonstrate this disturbing ideology.  God states, "Honor your father and mother, and children, give your parents love, obedience, and respect."  Activist followers, perverts, and educators hate parental rights and think the family is an obstacle.  The attack continues with abortion and government agencies directed to hurt children physically, emotionally, and physiologically, forcing confusing sexual content on them to get them to doubt how God made them.  Biden himself shows great support for the transgender community while opposing school choice and improved education to cultivate the God-given talent of students in black communities.  I am confident that Joe Biden will have to answer to a higher power for his actions.

Members of Congress must face the reality that they may be puppets for these society-killers.  American voters, especially traditional Democrats and those who vote their party affiliation, must also realize they could be puppets.

There must be a new beginning.  Our wonderful country is under a vicious attack, and all must fight to preserve the right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" whose protection was promised by our Founding Fathers.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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