A powerful Babylon Bee song parody exposes the transgender madness

The Babylon Bee is one of the best things going in conservative America. It’s more accurate (and prophetic) than any other media outlet, and it uses humor to drive home hard points. Nothing more perfectly illustrates this than the Bee’s “He’s a Man (Mulan Parody)” video.

Anyone with a lick of sense understands that the left’s obsession with transgenderism is completely toxic. It is breaking children, breaking apart families, and corrupting institutions. Moreover, none of this is accidental. It is the latest front in the leftist’s one-hundred-year war against America.

For a long time, American leftists relied (very successfully) on the racial component of critical theory, but that began to play itself out with Obama’s election and pretty much died on the vine when BLM (with Antifa’s help) tried to burn America to the ground. However, the other major arrow in the leftist quiver was sex.

Transgenderism is part of the leftist’s “sex trajectory.” First, there was feminism. First-wave feminism, which started in the 19th century, was a constitutionally based movement intended to ensure that women had equal legal rights, from voting to financial independence. Second-wave feminism still made sense: equal pay for equal work and equal opportunities for equal abilities.

Image: Babylon Bee Mulan parody. Rumble screen grab.

But third-wave feminism, which leftists pushed in the 1960s, insisted that there was no difference between men and women, except that women were better. It also attacked the family by decoupling women from motherhood. The Pill, abortion, and the insistence that motherhood was a dead-end job upended the nuclear family.

Third-wave feminism also transformed the American economy so that the average single salary couldn’t support a family; both parents needed to work. And, of course, it destroyed education. Once, the best and brightest women taught children; with the professions opened to women, that mostly stopped.

A subset of third-wave feminism was hating men. This was driven by the lesbian cadre in the movement.

And speaking of the lesbian cadre, the next “sex” weapon for the left was the gay rights movement. I don’t know that there are any Americans who feel, at this point, that homosexuals should be subject to discrimination, harassment, arrest, or death because of their sexual orientation. But of course, the gay rights movement didn’t end there.

In the last 20 years, it demanded more and more access to children. However, every parent knows that, while no gay person should be unloved or harmed, that doesn’t mean it’s a lifestyle you want for your children.

Study after study, often from the most accepting cities, states, or nations in the world, show that homosexuals have more spousal abuse, more substance abuse, more sexually transmitted diseases, more depression, and more suicide than their straight counterparts. No parent wants that risk for a beloved child.

Lately, though, the gay rights movement has gotten more aggressive about children (just go to Libs of TikTok to see what I mean). So-called transgenderism is the apex of this child-centric movement. However, transgenderism is a mental illness utterly unsupported by any valid science. That hasn’t stopped leftists from forcing it into every one of America’s institutions: It’s in the schools, on the streets, in the movies, on TV, in workplaces, etc.

What’s helpful for a return to normalcy, though, is that the more that normal people see so-called transgenderism, the more it’s obvious that it is a dangerous and deviant cult. The cult’s practitioners indulge in ritual body mutilation (cutting off or augmenting body parts) and take toxic potions (mostly opposite-sex hormones). We tolerated that in a free country…right until these deviants came for our children.

That’s where the Babylon Bee comes in. Wisely, it uses a Disney song, from Mulan, as the basis for its parody. The melody is catchy, but it’s also familiar to parents and children. (Most 20-somethings know it, too.) Add clever lyrics about the falsehood that is “transgenderism,” and truly shocking videos of what’s happening in America, and you’ve got a powerful weapon in the war for truth:

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