Why ‘Pride Month’ has escalated its in-your-face tactics this year

Plenty of people have noticed that the public promotion/celebration of “Pride Month” has escalated considerably from previous years. Target’s placement of trans and gay merchandise aimed at children at eye level near the entrance of its stores is the most widely noted and consequential example. But corporate and media hype, as well as schools’ promotion has reached record levels.

This shameless indoctrination of young schoolchildren is indicative of the force being applied to public school children, including those too young to understand what they are being brainwashed to accept:



With acceptance of same sex marriage at record highs, and with homosexuality highly visible in all media, why the push now?

When same sex marriage was legalized by the Obergefell Supreme Court decision, the professional movement activists lost their political issue because they won.  By picking up the transsexual movement, they were able to stay on offense and relevant, and not so incidentally, continue to raise money with claims of oppression.

But by adopting a movement whose dogma quite obviously contradicts reality (men don’t automatically become women and vice versa simply by thinking it is so) they have ignited a counterattack. The real-world manifestations of their dogma – forcing biological males into women’s locker rooms, prisons, and sports – creates real world harms for real people. And going after children infuriates parents, and ties into increasing dissatisfaction with public education.

The Democrats especially fear Ron DeSantis because they understand how the trans issue and school choice, and school shutdowns during COVID, are winning issues for him. Even if he is not the 2024 GOP nominee, his re-election by a huge 20-point margin after a squeaker first term victory has got to chill them, particularly now that other states are following Florida’s lead.

Add in the public reaction penalties being felt by Anheuser Busch and Target, and a sense of desperation is building in the movement, causing a re-doubling of effort on “Pride Month.”

With a counterattack already underway, this escalation may embolden the others, which means that we likely are in for a cycle of increased bitterness between the two sides.

The Democrats are all-in on the trans agenda, and don't have an easy way of backing away from this, as the movement’s extremists attack with fury any perceived retreat from support. Witness the backlash Target experienced when it moved its trans- and homosexual merchandise away from the front of its stores. Ruy Teixeira, a moderate Democrat, sees peril ahead for the party in courting socially conservative but fiscally liberal voters, whom he calls “Scaffles” and who he believes are essential to Democrat victories.

To put it in the simplest possible terms: follow the money. The Democrats are a far different party than they were back in their heyday as the party of America’s working class. (snip)

…affluent, educated voters contribute an enormous amount to the Democratic Party. That ranges from direct support through money and party activism to indirect support through nonprofits, advocacy organizations, foundations, academia and much of the media. To put it simply, these voters now have a lot of numerical weight in the party and punch far above that weight due to their outsize contributions to party support.

No wonder the Scaffles are given short shrift. Democrats are simply too dependent on the votes and support of voters for whom social liberalism is a top—and frequently the top—priority. 

Hispanics are very numerous among the Scaffles, and blacks and working-class whites are also numerous. Without their support, the Dems have a hard time winning national elections.

Is the trans movement going to cost the Democrats their hold on power? That’s a question that smart Democrats must be asking themselves.  

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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