Another humiliating rout of women's soccer team by males undermines the trans dogma that males should compete in women's sports

NBC Sports made a major commitment to a soccer tournament modestly named "The Soccer Tournament" (TST) in the Research Triangle area.

27 games from the The Soccer Tournament (TST) will be aired across NBC Sports' platforms in the summer of 2023 as some of the biggest clubs in the world will be represented as teams square off to try and win the $1 million grand prize.

Games will be aired on Peacock and CNBC, as the inaugural 7-a-side tournament takes place in Cary, North Carolina and the likes of West Ham United, Wolves, Borussia Dortmund, Wrexham and various teams from around the world including former USMNT and USWNT players will compete.

The U.S. women's team that played two first-round games were completely skunked, as Gateway Pundit reports:

At The Soccer Tournament (TST) in Cary, N.C., a U.S women's soccer team made up of female 'legends' was demolished by a men's team from Wales. The men's team was comprised of current and former players with a few guest players.

The women's team lost 12-0.

During the two games the women played in the tournament, they gave up 17 goals and scored none.

There was no shortage of pre-game bravado from the ladies:

So much for Megan Rapinoe and her demands that women's soccer players be paid the same as males.

As Arnold Cusumariu commented in an email:

The result is not a surprise — it would be the same in all sports men and women play. What's remarkable is (a) that the match was held at all, i.e., that the obvious was acknowledged in today's woke environment and (b) that it was reported by an MSM outlet, NBC.

More power to women's sports!  They deserve games of their own.  Let the men compete against one another, too.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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