'Someone's got to go to prison'

The above quote is from the 2004 film, National Treasure.  It was spoken by Harvey Keitel, the actor who portrayed the FBI agent in charge of finding the people who stole the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives.  He said it to Nicholas Cage, who played Ben Gates who did steal it to protect it from the bad guys.  The bad guys got ahold of it; Ben got it back.  The bad guys went to prison. 

Now, in Biden’s America it is the good guys who go to prison, as in the hundreds of J6 peaceful protesters who, in some cases, were merely present in DC that day.  The real bad guys, the Biden crime family, all those who invented and perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax on the American people for nearly three years, did not go to prison; not one of them:  not Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and the long list of their co-criminals at the FBI and DOJ and in the media.  They were all complicit in what was effectively a coup, the calculated overthrow of the President of the US.  Trump did serve out his term, but the same crowd made damn sure he wouldn’t serve another no matter what; even if he won, which he did!  All of these people knew the collusion story was a hoax but relished in its success at hog-tying the Trump administration.  Despite their traitorous crimes, Trump was the best president since Reagan!

Then there are the extraordinarily criminal activities of Biden’s son Hunter.  The media and the CIA, FBI and DOJ all knew the Laptop from Hell was authentic in December of 2019 but suppressed it and/or claimed it was “Russian propaganda.”  That includes William Barr, a wolf in sheep’s clothing if there ever were one.  The powers-that-were covered up the existence of his laptop, chock full of proof of Hunter’s many perversions – drugs, meth, cocaine, prostitutes including very young girls, and his many schemes to shakedown millions of dollars from foreign actors for who-knows-what in return.  

But one thing is clear beyond doubt, given what the Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith laid out before us on Wednesday, information gleaned from IRS whistleblowers.  No taxes were paid on millions of ill-gotten dollars.  When he did pay taxes, he deducted his payments to prostitutes, sex clubs and porn sites.  How’s that for chutzpah?  As someone commented the other day, this is a family of feral dogs!  They continue to disavow a biological granddaughter.  Hunter sells his pathetic paintings in some sort of obvious money laundering scheme.  And poor, old, demented Joe continues to deny any malfeasance.  He denies he ever had anything to do with Hunter’s business dealings.  Once a grifter, always a grifter.  The Biden family is essentially a mob of the mafia-like variety.

One can learn much more at Marco Polo, a website set up by Garrett Ziegler.  It is a phenomenally complete report on everything that is on that laptop.  If there is anyone remaining who still believes that Hunter is being railroaded, what is in that report will disabuse them of their ignorance.  He is a truly sick, perverted man.  He is apparently so perverted he was banned from a high-end sex club in Los Angeles!  We’ve all known that he was a degenerate drug addict and adulterer, but he is truly depraved.  And yet there he was at the state dinner at the White House for Indian PM Modi, glad-handing around the room as if he were some kind of diplomat.  All those present, mostly Democrats of course, had no problem with his presence despite what had come to light earlier in the day.  The left has no problem with the criminal or moral excesses of their own.  Prison for them?  Never.  Prison for those who make them look bad by virtue of their patriotism?  Absolutely. 

Adam Schiff is every bit the pathological creep that Hunter is and yet the Democrats in the House behaved like “zoo animals” when a majority voted to censure him for his years of lying about the Russia collusion hoax.  See Scott McKay’s column at American Spectator.  McKay marvels at the fact that they rally around this “face of the lying Deep State, a smarmy jackass no more likeable than Peter Strzok.”  Well said.  No one believes a word that comes out of Schiff’s mouth but the Dems pretend he is being targeted for telling the truth!  That is their narrative and they are sticking to it, no matter how outrageous and comical.  Read McKay’s whole piece.

When will any of these low-down thugs who have a grip on our nation go to prison?  Probably never.  They lie with impunity and most of the Republicans in Congress are such squishes that the few that lobby for justice get nowhere when they try to make a Democrat pay for his or her crime.  We do have a two-tiered system of justice, and everyone knows it.  In this administration’s view, patriots and good Samaritans must go to prison, not drug dealers, car-jackers, shoplifters, murderers or pedophiles.  To our now far, far Marxist left, those folks are victims of white supremacy and must be spared the inconveniences of abiding by the rule of law. Sadly, there are too many Soros-seated judges who go along with the pro-criminal, anti-victim agenda of the left.

Our despicable and corrupt AG Garland will defend the criminals who are making our cities unlivable just as the equally corrupt Alejandro Mayorkas of DHS will continue to import millions of migrants from around the world no matter how devastating the damage to those same cities and to our economy.  These America-hating officials are only continuing the Obama-approved agenda of taking America down a few pegs.  

Now they are in full destruction mode as are the Democrats in Congress.  Not one of them has broken with the party on immigration, on the irresponsible spending that will bankrupt us sooner rather than later, or on the cruel idiocy of transgenderism.  They have elevated their beloved LGBT activists above veterans, above the nuclear family, above all religious faiths.  They have made us a morally corrupt nation on its face, a gross insult to all law-abiding, America-loving citizens.  If only we could send them all to prison for treason, the wholesale betrayal of the Founders and our Constitution, for they are surely guilty of that.

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for their future security."  Ben Gates, National Treasure, 2004

Graphic credit: Mohamed Hassan Pixabay license

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