Lockdown queen Randi Weingarten to now 'advise' Department of Homeland Security?

Not too long ago, Randi Weingarten, union boss for the notorious American Federation of Teachers, got caught giving orders to the Centers for Disease Control about the importance of keeping schools locked down, no matter what the "science" said, and no matter what the schoolchildren needed.  They were, you see, "thought partners," as one union official told the CDC.

According to the Daily Wire, which has much gamier details than this short passage:

Text messages recently obtained by the Fairfax Parents Association show Weingarten texting with then-CDC Director Rochelle Walensky about keeping school restrictions tight. 

It was frankly, a scandal, because this political hack for the Democrats has absolutely no expertise whatsoever in matters of public health, and there she was, effectively running the top federal agency for public health from behind the scenes without telling anyone until she got found out.  I wrote about that here.

She ought never show her face again in public for that crappy perma-lockdown advice that did so much damage to America's schoolchildren, leading to learning loss, social adjustment problems, and deficient speech development, combined with usurpation of public power.

But now she's failing upward.

According to the Daily Wire:

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten will be joining the Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council, according to a statement from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

That baleful news included this statement from Mayorkas:

"Leaders of our academic institutions and campus life have a great deal to offer in helping us counter the evolving and emerging threats to the homeland," Mayorkas said in a statement. "The Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council's insights into strategic research, innovation, career development, and partnership opportunities for the Department will support our mission to safeguard the American people, and help our country think through and prepare for whatever threats lie ahead."

Weingarten joins 19 others appointed by Mayorkas, mostly in academic leadership positions like Los Angeles School Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration Executive Director Miriam Feldblum. 

A great deal to offer?  Such as what?  More lockdowns?  More persecution of parents who challenge her puppet school boards?  More focus on wokesterliness instead of actual terrorists?  More illegals to fill her increasingly empty public schools because citizens can't stand them anymore?

We already know what her values are.

Whatever it is she "advises," count on it being something good for the teachers' union — and inversely, something very bad for the public.  We know that based on Weingarten's already horrible record sneaking around and issuing the CDC its marching orders.

Mayorkas added this little zinger, too:

Aside from working on school safety issues, the council will also work on "methods to develop career opportunities to support a 21st century DHS workforce," according to a DHS press release. 

Read: Seeding the agency with Weingarten's political loyalists to ensure that they'll always do what Weingarten wants, and the agency will then have the Deep State unreformability that has already plagued much of the rest of the federal agencies.

It's a nefarious scheme.

The only reason this person has power at all among Democrats is based on the AFT's humongous campaign donation record for Democrats.  That's a partisan activity that has no place in what should be a non-partisan branch of government intended to represent all citizens.  That they're doing it anyway, and suddenly all interested in giving Weingarten a "voice" in government itself, is pretty outrageous, signaling that it can only be her union's money that's driving this.

That's one bad thing, but the impact is doubled because of Weingarten's execrable record as a man-behind-the-curtain public health dictator.

If Weingarten takes this position on the public side, you can bet she'll be issuing orders in private to the agency in direct contradiction to the public safety in the homeland interests of Americans.

It's just too much power to someone who should be a pariah based on the damage she did during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also raises questions as to what other government agencies there are where she has a finger in the pie.  We know that the Biden administration is not being run by senile old Joe, and his ambitious wife, the call-me-doctor Jill Biden, calls a lot of the shots.  That miserable mediocrity is a close ally of the teachers' unions.

Is this the baleful hand of Jill?  Or is this Weingarten running rampant in the power void, not content to control just an angry army of wokester teachers and other teachers unwillingly forced into her union, but the entire government itself?

This person has no place anywhere near government after her sneaky, damaging CDC stunt.  That she's being allowed on a board to issue bad "advice" is outrageous.  Congress should defund this do-nothing agency until the public sees the back of her.

Image: Keith Mellnick, AFGE via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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