From 'gay' to 'queer'

We've come a long way from Obergefell, that 2015 Supreme Court opinion that redefined marriage.  For the record, I thought the Court should have left marriage at the state level.  However, a 5-4 Court opinion said otherwise.

Today, the battle is way beyond "sexual orientation" or two same-sex people wanting to get married.  We are now into stuff that is much harder to accept, as David Strom wrote:

The argument against gay marriage was simple, as was the argument for it.

Today's alphabet arguments are about completely eradicating the foundations of reality.

In other words, it's one thing to watch two men kiss at the altar.  I don't like it, I don't have to go the ceremony, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they think that their union is based on love.

It's quite another thing to watch what "Pride" has turned into.

Watching men dressed as nuns interrupting a communion is not about "gay rights" but something more sinister.  Putting these "Sisters" on stage is an attack on a Catholic like me.  After all, I don't mock anyone's religion, and I expect the same.

Watching men dressed up as "drag queens" dancing in front of young children is depravity.

I won't touch the weird beer commercial or what the famous retail store did with female bathing suits with a little extra space for parts that women don't have.  My guess is that a serious homosexual thinks that's strange, too.

"Queerism" is on a mission to destroy our society.  They think we are wrong and want to change it at any cost.

As Mr. Strom points out in the aforementioned article:

This ideology, unlike gay rights, is a bridge too far for most Americans. Largely because it is based upon a rejection of those very Americans' values. That includes traditional liberals and traditional conservatives. All of us are oppressors in a system designed to keep Queers down.

We've come a long way from hearing that same-sex "marriage" is for people who love each other.  What we seeing on TV reports, in our street marches, and in retail stores is indeed "a bridge too far."  In fact, it's so far that there is not enough steel or concrete to build it.

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