A sex-addicted regime

Sex addicts live for their next kick, do it today for sure and right now if possible — and they always need bigger and bigger kicks.

Medical people have long thought that the specific triggers for bigger kicks don't matter much.  Some people get their kicks from doorknobs; others like whips and leather; still others like cats, horses, and dogs.

I've been trying to figure out the Biden gang for a long time, and the one thing I keep seeing is sex addiction.  These people really don't care how much damage they do to the United States as long as they get their kicks.

Kill off American oil production to give Putin the power to invade Europe?

Sure!  Got that handled on day 1.

Tell Germany to pursue energy dependence on Russia?

What could go possibly wrong?  

Addicts will shoot up until they kill themselves.  On the streets of our (formerly) great cities, it happens to hundreds of people every single day, right in front of God and everybody.  We don't know how many "homeless" overdose deaths are actually deliberate suicides, but if you're hooked on the biggest high ever, the alternative of a fentanyl overdose can't seem so bad.

It's easier than getting a job.

This is why the first great physician in Western history, Hippocrates of Kos, is quoted in Plato's most famous work as saying "nothing in excess."  Sex addiction leads to sodomy addiction leads to fentanyl addiction, on and on, maybe because the human brain doesn't know the difference.

"Nothing in excess" — Hippocrates was thinking of a sex addict called Alcibiades, who was also sitting at the Symposium, Plato's drinking party.  Alcibiades tried to seduce Socrates (who turned over and went to sleep), and then he betrayed his own city-state of Athens in a time of vicious war, but it really didn't matter.  The Athenians welcomed him back after that betrayal, because what's a little thing like treason?

Hippocrates and his school of medicine saw a lot of sexual excess in ancient Greece, plus a lot of suicidal warfare and mob madness.  Socrates himself was condemned to death by the mob, the "demos" ("the people" — as in Democrats).  Jesus was condemned by a gaggle of politicians playing to the mob.  The mob likes blood.

We just call it cancel culture, but it's always the same.

Do you get your kicks from killing people?  Go for it, dude.

The Weimar Republic crashed from sexual decadence, and Hitler's SA killers came out of that without a hitch.  Once you can break all the rules, killing innocents is easy.

The current resident of the White House seems to take a kind of perverse pride in parading his personal oddities on YouTube.  It's true that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton didn't seem to care, either, and maybe JFK and LBJ knew that everybody in the cocktail circuit knew about their little habits.  The New York Times obviously knew all about presidential sexcapades.  As long as the Imperial Media Guards protected Democrats, they relished their immunity from consequences.

And now, here we are in the Third Millennium, where we are following step-by-step in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, featuring public kicksville, open treachery, and malicious exhibitionism.

I'm so bad! I can hear "Rachel" Levine silently screaming at us.  Like the Roman emperor Caligula, Pete Buttigieg tells us, "I'm so gay!"  And the crowds are paid to cheer.

The Romans told themselves that "bread and circuses" would keep the people in virtual slavery, and they were not wrong — not until Rome collapsed.

Every corrupt regime in the world is watching this, and most of them know about sexual decadence from their own history.  All ancient civilizations have gone through this — so they know exactly what's happening today in Washington, D.C.

My bet is that they are rubbing their hands and making it worse, because the United States is still a formidable military power, but the fish is rotting, and that kind of insidious warfare is now working again like gangbusters.  The CCP blame the British for supplying opium to Chinese mandarins 200 years ago, and they must be celebrating every time another fentanyl shipment goes to Mexico.

I've stopped believing in all the different sexual "identities" — all the capital letters of the rainbow flag that now hangs from U.S. embassies, to notify the world that we are rotting from within.  As far as I can tell, L=G=B=Q=P = whatever, dude! — any kicks you can get.

The rainbow flag has only one color, and it's the Yellow Jack.

In 1900, Sigmund Freud had sexual addictions all figured out, because Viennese physicians saw every color of the rainbow every day,  along with all the STDs that inevitably resulted.  Freud figured out early on that there was really only one basic drive.  He called it "Id," and all the politically active sex cults today have their own totem pole, but basically it's all the same-old, same-old.

With the Jeff Epstein epidemic, which was more damaging than COVID-19, the cult of Bigger Kicks reached its logical end point: the betrayal of trusting children by the Disney Corporation.

Can you hear the sound of sadistic laughter from hell?

Neglected children do not thrive.  They tend to sicken and die early, and nobody knows why, but we know it for a fact.  Children thrive on trust, and adults who betray their children's trust belong...where?  In the Democrat party?

If you have any babies of your own, this is the time to move out of the centers of infection, L.A., S.F., N.Y., and all the rest. 

Hint: If your city's downtown has burned down, it's high time to check out Texas.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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