Enough is enough — defend Trump

Throughout most of my life, my attitude toward politics has been this: don’t get involved. People who get wrapped up in politics gain nothing from it and often ruin their own lives. Live life as best as you can, ignore politics, and enjoy the sweet gifts life has to offer with some of God’s plenty. Usually, this philosophy works, but at a certain point, like all philosophies, it breaks down. Then this philosophy becomes willful ignorance, sticking your head in the sand, and maybe even cowardice.

It is a waste of time to say the latest round of indictments against Trump are politically motivated, and it is a waste of time to say we now have a banana republic Department of Justice. You already know this.

The purpose of all these indictments is to wear Trump down, exhaust him, and convince the general public that he certainly must be guilty of something. The law of averages is not on Trump’s side.

The question now for Trump supporters is what to do about it? No, I am not suggesting in any way that you consider an act of terror. However, the time has come to become much more politically active -- like the anti-Trump activists in the summer of 2020. This will also involve, most likely, a cost. Most of you reading this are probably a lot like me -- average middle Americans who go to work every day, pay their bills and taxes, and play by the rules.

The rules are being abused to get Trump.

I also believe the reason the elites have used every speck of their power against him is because he is an outsider and dared to support the views of average Allan and average Anne. He also dared to challenge permanent Washington and the complicit press: the swamp and the swamp thing. They could not allow this to go unpunished, and they intend to send a message to all future presidential candidates: Never stand against the one party, the uniparty, the Republicrats, the revolting Republicans and the disgusting Democrats, or we will annihilate you.

The cumulative effect of all these indictments is to sway the undecideds and deny Trump the election in 2024. So the will of the people, the vote, has already been compromised. George Soros funded both Alvin Bragg and Letitia James. Special Council Jack Smith is a Democrat.

The assumptions these ministers in the Kafkaesque Ministry of Justice are making is that their institutional power is sacrosanct and omnipotent and middle America won’t do anything to defend Trump. So he is doomed.

It’s a nefarious but a good plan. Assumptions, though, are always dangerous, because the cumulative effect of all of these indictments against Trump is to harden Trump supporters into a sharp-edged sword.

What do you think?

Image: Boston Public Library

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