Democrats on video: Greasy Gavin vs. Doddering Joe

California's governor, Gavin Newsom, is often depicted as the sentient man's Democrat; a younger, more articulate, more vital, and even more leftist potential standard bearer for the Democrat party's 2024 ticket.

He's getting out there for the Democrats for the same reason a host of Republican candidates are lining up to challenge President Trump. The logic there is that Trump will be knocked out of the race by Democrat and state lawfare. Newsom's getting out there on the expectation that Biden's growing senility problems are going to force him out of the race, too.

Newsom's the one who's supposedly still all there. So let's look at what he's been saying to prove that to voters in just the past week or so:

From Grabien:


Sound like winning topics, real issues that will rope in the voters?

Actually, they sound like fodder for political opposition campaign ads. Add this one to the list, too. And this one.

Joe Biden, by contrast, has presented himself in these ways to voters these past few days.









That's one week's worth of Joe work for us, at a $10,952 weekly rate, on a $569,000 presidential annual salary. 

Do these people sound like they're ready for prime time, let alone election time?

Either the elections are rigged enough that these sorry performances don't concern them, or they're profoundly unaware at how wretched their appeal is to most American voters. Let's hope it's the latter.

Image: Screen shot from Grabien video of Fox News report.



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