ChatGPT's deep thoughts on 'Is Michelle Obama a male?'

I thought I would try ChatGPT to see why everyone is so worried about A.I.  It seems to me that the software is subjective.  

It has been raining where I live for the last two days, and I am very bored.

I made some spaghetti sauce for dinner to pass the time, but once that was finished, I still had time on my hands,. so I decided that since I had nothing better to do, I would try out ChatGPT.

Recently, I saw an article with a video that is asking the question "Is Michelle Obama a male?"  I thought this would be a good question to explore with ChatGPT.  I do not have any personal opinion whether this is true or not, but I thought it might provide some insight into the objectivity of the software.  

Below is the back-and-forth between ChatGPT and myself.  I am not sure at this point why there is so much concern about A.I.  My impression is that the software is not capable of any unique thought but just seems to look up what others have written and give it back to you.  I probably could have gone on with this for the entire day.

I sent my findings to American Thinker to share with others, but due to the length of the article it was rejected for publication.  I asked ChatGPT to condense our conversation down to less than 1,200 words.   

The original conversation had kept pointing out that "When discussing gender, it is also crucial to recognize the distinction between biological sex and gender identity.  Gender identity is a deeply personal and subjective experience that may not align with an individual's assigned sex at birth.  Respect for individuals' self-identified gender is important in creating an inclusive and understanding society."  This came up throughout the back and forth.  I repeatedly pointed out that this has nothing to do with biological sex.  In the end, the software recognized this and gave in.  The condensed results are below.


Can you condense our conversation down to 1200 words or less without losing the conclusion?


Certainly! Here's a condensed version of our conversation:

In this conversation, the question of Michelle Obama's genotypic sex was discussed. It was acknowledged that as an AI language model, I don't have access to personal genetic information, and therefore cannot provide a definitive answer. Biological sex determination is typically based on genotypic and phenotypic characteristics, but without specific genetic information, it is not possible to determine Michelle Obama's genotypic sex. It was emphasized that gender identity is a separate concept from biological sex, and individuals' self-identified gender should be respected. While the conversation explored various perspectives, it concluded that without access to genetic information, a definitive answer about Michelle Obama's genotypic sex cannot be provided.  

Note: The condensed version has been kept under 1200 words while retaining the key points and conclusion.

Thank you.


You're welcome! If you have any more questions in the future, feel free to ask. I'm here to help. 

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