Bucket brigade belies Biden’s border bunkum

NYC Mayor Eric Adam’s current steps to move illegal immigrants to New York suburbs is what I call the “Bucket Brigade” solution. It demonstrates the idiocy of leftist thought while exposing their true goals.

Imagine you discover water flooding your basement. You bail the water outside so it flows away while stopping the leak. But since the water in this allegory represents human beings, one cannot just dump them out. So, what is Adams doing?

He’s filling buckets with this water (people) and is stacking these buckets in different rooms in the house. Once the living room is full of buckets, he moves to the dining room. Eventually, he has two problems:

  • He is running out of rooms in the house to stack the buckets of water.
  • He is running out of buckets (money and supplies).

The next step is to involve your neighbors and ask them to store some buckets of water for you. And so on. But what is the flaw in this process? This doesn’t fix the prima causa—i.e., the leak.

Image by DALL-E AI.

If you’re dealing with flooding, first, you stop the water. As just two examples, you’d fix the broken pipe or build a dam across your yard to stop water coming into the basement.

Adams’s plan might work if the flood of people was finite and was known to stop soon, as in responding to a natural disaster. But he is working against infinite people over an infinite time. Therefore, the plan to ‘find places to store the buckets of water’ fails.

To kind-hearted sheeple leftists, this is the compassionate solution (but only if NIMBY-ism is observed). For the hard-core leftists, the flood is accomplishing their desired goals.

In our increasingly Bizarro world, we watch as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas looks right into the camera during Congressional Hearings and claims our southern border is secure. He says that despite over five million illegal aliens having crossed our border in the last two years.

Those crossings include all kinds of criminals, drug dealers (Fentanyl), child sex traffickers, and terrorists. One would think that, for national security reasons alone, this should be stopped.

Arizona built a border wall of shipping containers topped by razor wire, and then the Biden administration sued it into submission, forcing it to remove this makeshift “wall.” Why? It was working too well.

The distant, leftist “Sanctuary Cities,” all smug in their virtue signaling, got quite the shock when Texas, Arizona, and Florida started sending a relatively small handful of these migrants to their cities. “How dare they; that is cruel,” said all the ladies, suddenly displaying Victorian vapors. Even that declared paragon of virtue, ‘Sanctuary City’ Martha’s Vineyard—where our highly glorified President Obama lives, you know, the one for equity, diversity, inclusion, and human rights—immediately bussed out the 40+ human presents Ron DeSantis had sent them.

The real tell is our large cities. New York has resorted to using high school gymnasiums and, now, hotel rooms costing between $190 and over $500 per night to house the immigrants. This price doesn’t count the millions in damages to these hotels that the city must reimburse later.

As the problem compounds Adams is planning to send new arrivals to local suburbs to handle the overflow. He will soon run out of buckets and places to store them.

STOP the flood. Demand nothing less. Any other solution means they are lying to us when they claim that they, too, want to stop it.

Lewis Dovland is a passionate observer of America’s future direction with a focus on exposing the “Big Picture” end goals of the progressive Marxist movement and how we can prevail. Email at Lewis.Dovland@gmail.com.

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