An ardent leftist survives the horror of a maskless TSA interaction

If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve become acquainted with Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post reporter who is almost a parody of the white leftist women who are so toxic to American discourse. They were the screaming harridans on the BLM frontlines but, when not protesting, they were also the mask and vaccine fanatics. Showing that it’s never too late to relive 2020, Lorenz gave the world the gift of her mask paranoia once again, this time after the TSA ‘practically murdered’ her.

Lorenz is a decidedly odd bird with a bully pulpit at the WaPo, having worked her way there after stints at the New York Times and the Daily Beast. At each of these venues, her specialty has been and is “internet culture.”

I first learned about Lorenz when she doxed Chaya Raichik, who, until then, had been known only by her nom de cyber of Libs of TikTok. Once her identity went public, Raichik’s reach soared, but that’s obviously not why Lorenz outed someone who had dared to expose leftists using public social media posts to display their beliefs and behaviors to other leftists. Lorenz doxed Raichik to hurt her.

Image: Taylor Lorenz (edited). Twitter screen grab.

Because Lorenz got pushback on Twitter for her doxing of Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik, Lorenz now claims to have PTSD. Watching her, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

Unsurprisingly, given what Lorenz had done to Raichik, sympathy for Lorenz was limited. And, despite her “trauma,” Lorenz did not quit Twitter. She’s still, there, which is how, three years after COVID hit, and two and a half years after everyone with any intelligence figured out that masks were useless against the virus, we learn that Lorenz was ‘practically murdered’ by a TSA agent.

It seems worth noting that only pre-approved people were allowed to comment on Lorenz’s take. No dangerously contrary ideas are entering Lorenz’s world. For her, it’s always May 2020. The funniest thing is how Lorenz saved her life from this biological warfare attack:

However, when it came to the Cannes Film Festival, which Lorenz apparently attended, masks weren’t an issue (she’s fourth from the left, in the back row):

Within days, though, Lorenz announce she was “super immunocomprised” and that the lady at the blood draw center was maskless and dangerous:

I think Lorenz is correct that she’s immunocompromised. However, the thing that frightens her isn’t COVID. Although she cannot say it out loud, what she’s really scared of is “American people germs.”

Ordinary Americans, who are out and about, doing their jobs, going on their vacations, and not agreeing with everything she says, threaten her very being. She’s doing her bit to protect herself by wearing a mask, and, as far as she’s concerned, it’s time for the hoi polloi to do their bit, by wearing masks whenever they’re near her.

It's easy to laugh at Lorenz, but you should take her seriously: Most establishment leftists feel as she does; they just hide it better.

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