As South Africa collapses, it opts for full, anti-white apartheid

For a very long time, South Africa was a well-managed country that engaged in immoral racial apartheid. Blacks were denied all civil rights and were forcibly economically marginalized. When apartheid finally ended, it seemed as if South Africa could continue to be a well-managed country, only without the evil of racial segregation. However, with Cyril Ramaphosa, who rose through the communist African National Congress, in charge, the country is violently imploding, and apartheid is back…only this time against whites and Indians.

It became apparent in March that South Africa’s power grid is failing. This was a self-imposed crisis that occurred because South Africa’s hard-left government embraced the anti-fossil fuel “green” agenda. As South Africa is discovering, without a power grid, it’s not just the lights that go out. Everything in the modern world stops: water treatment, refrigeration, medical treatment, and more.

Image: Hauling drinking water in South Africa. YouTube screen grab.

Other parts of South Africa’s infrastructure are also collapsing. Because thieves are raiding power cables, the trains that ship goods around the country periodically stop rolling:

Bloomberg said a 535-mile rail line used to haul iron ore and manganese from Kumba Iron Ore Ltd.'s giant Sishen mine in the Northern Cape province to west coast ports was paralyzed on Tuesday after criminal organized gangs stole power cables used to power electric locomotives. 


The 535-mile rail line is the second to be vandalized by theft within a week. This time last week, a 428-mile rail line from the Port of Durban to Gauteng province had capacity significantly reduced due to "theft, vandalism, and rail damage" by gangs. 

Of course, South African crime extends far beyond theft. Al Jazeera (which humiliatingly reports facts more reliably than most American media sites) reported last November that South Africa saw 7,000 murders in just three months and 13,000 sexual assaults. As of the end of May, 75 people were being murdered per day in South Africa. Ransom crimes are becoming big business. Anti-white racial crime is endemic.

Another thing plaguing South Africa is a water shortage. The drought technically ended by 2022, but the country must restore its stored water, so it is seriously water deficient. Additionally, as noted above, a broken power grid means there is no way to clean or pump water for human usage. The communist South African government has responded to this crisis with a plan to ration water for businesses, but it applies only to whites and Indians:

The African National Congress (ANC) has now drafted regulations to enforce race quotas for water use licenses for businesses, targeting White and Indian business owners.

Previously, we reported on government rules that make it exceedingly difficult for businesses to hire White or Indian workers, while controversial affirmative action policies give preference to Black candidates. Now, water is being wielded as the latest weapon to force White South Africans out of the country.

Newsweek states that applicants for consumptive water use would need to allocate shares to Black people based on the size of their land. Businesses wanting more water usage would need a higher share of Black ownership. Under these new regulations, usage of more than 250,000 cubic meters of water requires at least 25 percent Black ownership. Similarly, using over 500,000 cubic meters would necessitate 50 percent Black ownership, and requiring over a million cubic meters would force businesses to have at least 75 percent Black ownership.

It’s clear that, when the world’s leftists fought against apartheid, it wasn’t the apartheid that troubled them; it was the fact that the government was anti-communist. Now that they’ve got the communist government they longed for, apartheid is en vogue again, and no one on the left cares.

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