South Africa is in freefall

I received an email from a South African friend today, infuriated at his country’s destruction at the hands of his own government’s ideology and incompetence. This was not hyperbole. In fact, the power grid is on the verge of complete collapse, which will leave people without food or water, and, when combined with South Africa’s decay in all other areas, may lead to civil unrest on a scale that could trigger a full civil war.

As a predicate to this post, it’s important to note that, since 1994, when the all-white government finally ended, all South Africa’s presidents have come from the African National Congress, a communist front group. It’s also important to note that South Africa, although in chaotic fashion, has been bowing down before “green colonialism.” As I use it, that phrase means that economically fragile countries destroy their energy infrastructure to suit the climate delusions coming from affluent western nations.

Image: South Africa chaos in 2022. YouTube screen grab.

Now, all those communist and “green” chickens are coming home to roost in a terrible way (hat tip: Instapundit):

South Africa is on the verge of “collapse” amid rolling blackouts and warnings a total power grid failure could lead to mass rioting on the scale of a “civil war”.

Western embassies including the United States and Australia have advised their citizens in the country to stock up on “several days worth” of food and water and be on high alert during extended blackouts sweeping the country.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national “state of disaster” on February 9 in response to the record electricity shortage, which has seen state-owned power company Eskom institute rolling blackouts – dubbed “load shedding” – lasting up to 12 hours in some cases.

This tweet from Joel Pollak focuses on Cape Town, which is a city that the WEF has commended for going green:

The U.S. is taking the situation very seriously:

The US Embassy this month advised citizens to “maintain 72-hours’ worth of supplies at home by stockpiling non-perishable food, three litres of drinking water per person per day, and medicines and first aid supplies”.

It comes after the US government last month warned its stakeholders in South Africa to prepare for a total collapse of the power grid, tech publication MyBroadband reported.

A Twitter thread from @#zombieland, who describes himself as living within South Africa, spells out what happened. It’s long but, if you’re interested, it’s worth reading in its entirety because we in America are going down the same socialist pathway when it comes to handling our human and natural resources.

The Biden administration’s infrastructure plan does nothing to shore up essential infrastructure. Instead, as happened under Obama, it’s all about “green.” Water plans, roads, railways, and bridges are being left to decay. Meanwhile, the equity agenda may be behind the near misses plaguing our airports, which will inevitably lead to a disastrous crash.

Our electric grid isn’t hardened against EMP attacks or domestic terrorism, and the “green” push means our aging systems are being put under enormous stress. Meanwhile, rather than buffing up nuclear power and other reliable fossil fuel, we’re turning to unreliable wind and solar to power all those electric vehicles leftists are demanding must dominate our roads within a decade. Leftist states are already having rolling blackouts, and Texas (Texas!) collapsed under an ice storm.

Our trains aren’t “dead,” but they’re dangerous. They’re falling off their tracks on an increasingly regular basis, despite carrying important goods and dangerous chemicals. East Palestine is Exhibit A, but it’s happening all over.

Our societal collapse is also a slo-mo reflection of South Africa. In major American cities, our police are defunded and demoralized, and crime is growing at an exponential rate. This video from St. Louis exemplifies criminals’ confidence, although you need a strong stomach to watch.

With the Democrats having deliberately broken our economy, which they did to destroy Trump and wipe out the more conservative middle class, the number of people dependent on the government for sustenance is growing. It’s augmented by the young people who have simply dropped out.

Our military is becoming a joke. Our weapons supply is swiftly depleted with no apparent replenishment plans. Meanwhile, the troops are being downgraded and demoralized through carefully applied racial and sexual policies.

You’ll recognize in the following thread everything that plagues the United States. We’re just not quite as far down the road yet.

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