Who is lying about infanticide?

Jessica Tarlov, on Fox News, called Trump a liar for saying that Democrats support Infanticide at the CNN Town Hall. She said that the moderator should have called him out.  

Jessica Tarlov

The following is a definition of infantacide. 

1) The crime of killing a child within one year of its birth (in some legal jurisdictions, specifically by the mother)

2) A person who kills an infant, specifically their own child.

Almost 100% of Democrats in Congress have opposed giving health care to babies born alive at abortion clinics. How is it murder or infanticide when a mother has a child at home and just lets it die but perfectly OK if a mother and doctor just let a fully developed baby die without giving it care at an abortion clinic? That is certainly unequal treatment under the law.

Why would anyone trust Democrats with our health care when they refuse to give healthcare to the most vulnerable, a newborn baby?

210 Democrats vote against bill requiring medical care for babies born alive after abortion attempt

Nearly every House Democrat on Wednesday voted against legislation that would require immediate medical attention for babies who are born alive after an attempt was made to abort them.

The House passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which says any infant born alive after an attempted abortion is a "legal person for all purposes under the laws of the United States." Doctors would be required to care for those infants as a "reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive."

The bill passed 220-210, and all 210 of the "no" votes came from Democrats. Only one Democrat voted for the bill — Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas — and one other Democrat, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, voted "present.

Following that level of care, doctors would be required admit those infants to a hospital for further care. Any violation of this standard would result in fines and imprisonment for up to five years, or both.

Roll Call:

The other bill, which Republicans say would guarantee protections for an infant born alive after an attempted abortion, fell short, 56-41, on a similar procedural vote. All the Republicans voted for it, as did Democrats Doug Jones of Alabama, Manchin and Casey. Three senators who are running for the Democratic presidential nomination were absent.

The public overwhelmingly supports the born alive act, including Democrats and independents, so why don't Democrats vote for it? Because they care more about Planned Parenthood than the public, or newborn babies. 

It is similar to their opposition to vouchers for poor and minority children, despite overwhelming public support. They care about unions more than the poor and minorities. 

The public supports policies like the Born-Alive bill. Why was the vote split on party lines?

Eighty-six percent of Republicans, 70% of Democrats and 75% of independents said they support this legislation. Men were slightly more likely to support it than women, 79% and 75%, respectively.

So, let's have a debate among Trump, DeSantis, Harris, and Biden on the born alive act and caring for children.  Who is lying? Tarlov or Trump? The answer is obvious. Trump told the truth and Tarlov is lying. Why is Tarlov so willing to blatantly lie when the truth is so obvious?

Why doesn't the media talk about Democrats’ unpopular positions on late term abortion, the Born Alive Act, or keeping poor and minority kids in bad schools? It is the same reason they bury the massive corruption of the Biden family. They haven't cared about the truth for a long time, only winning and infecting the public with radical leftist policies to destroy America. 

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