What the WHO has in store for us

The brilliant and evil Saul Alinsky, in his seminal book Rules for Radicals, said in Rule 4, "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."  We are about to get a critical lesson in how the U.S. Constitution is going to be used to destroy America.  The World Health Organization (WHO) is about to do that by getting "emergency" medical powers to control U.S. "healthcare" and much more.  Sadly, that appears inevitable.

Here are some predictions about what's coming.  Their goal will be to do as much irreversible damage as fast as possible to U.S. health care system.  This is for all the marbles.  To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, the elites have waited a long time to shaft the common folk (who are insolently rejecting their Frankenshots), and we are about "to get it good and hard."

  1. The agreement will pass in the next month and immediately become law.
  2. Using the immediate implementation provisions of the agreement, a "potential" health emergency will quickly be declared.
  3. The WHO will claim very broad powers over "U.S. Healthcare."  They will either delegate their powers to the CDC, et al. or, more likely, create a new unrestricted "Liaison Agency" ("LiAgency" — Fauci?) to implement the WHO powers.
  4. Near-term actions will include:
    1. Mandatory digital health passports (probably first for travelers, then for everyone).
    2. Mandatory vaccines for everyone (first to travel, then to get access to Healthcare, then to get access to anything).
    3. Since Tedros (head of the WHO) has already declared medical "misinformation" a major health problem ("an epidemic"), a "MisInfo" Directive will provide the legal basis for the more than willing U.S. government (and media Mafia) agencies to massively censor any dissenting medical opinions. (Good luck, Substack.)
      • First, using Rule 13 — "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it" — they will target the "worst" MisInfonistas (as enemies of the global state) and any new info they publish.
      • Next, they will broaden it to include all new "MisInfonistas" publications.
      • Then they will disappear all past historic MisInfo and eventually outlaw its use.
  1. All COVID criminals will be given blanket amnesty for all past and future medical crimes.
  2. Only WHO/LiAgency medical treatments (including masks, distancing, lockdowns, etc.) will be allowed (first by controlling what's billable, then under threat of law).
  3. All doctors, hospitals, medical facilities, licensing boards will be required to:
    • Use only LiAgency-approved treatments.
    • Ruthlessly enforce all restrictions of MisInfo.
    • Report any MisInfonistas to the LiAgency.
    • Terminate (without due process) any individuals violating any of the above.
    • Declare any form of health MisInfo or dissent a mental disorder subject to involuntary treatments.
  4. Declare physical money a "Health" issue and use that to drive to a Central Bank Digital Currency.
    • Require medical payments (including taxes) to be in digital currencies.
    • Ban physical money as "unhealthy."
  5. Tedros has already declared "Health Equity" (H.E.) a primary goal, so the LiAgency will rapidly create H.E. rules that will
    • punish the U.S. health care system as inequitable because it spends too much (on the wrong people).
    • create guidelines to achieve H.E. both internally and externally (expect illegal aliens to get government-funded health care).
    • Monitor via a digital currency requirement to ensure that H.E. guidelines are followed.
    • Tax the hell out of the U.S. to expand the WHO's budget tenfold.
  6. Implement mandatory mail-in voting rules as a "Health" and as an "Equity" rule.


  1. Declare food, vitamins, supplements, water, air, education, climate, and energy (and pretty much anything else they want) as "Health" issues, and then regulate all of them.
  2. Create "Health Social Scores" to control and allocate pretty much anything impacting "Health."

Speed is critical.  When Obama mandated the blatantly illegally Clean Air Act rules, by the time the Supreme Court ruled on them, the overturned act had already killed the coal plants Obama had illegally regulated.  Once the damage was done, legal or otherwise, it didn't matter.

In Rule 8, "keep the pressure on," Alinsky said attack from every direction to keep your opponent confused and overwhelmed.

Expect both again, this time with your and your kids' health.  Good and hard.

I wish I could say see you in the Gulag, but since Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, expect something much hotter.

Image via Pxhere.

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