The easy way to identify the Loony Left

If you have ever wondered how to instantly identify the Loony Left and its modicum of core mental competency and sanity, you have to wonder no more.  Leftists have just made it much easier.

One of the easiest mental markers is how leftists speak, as opposed to speech from the rest of us.  No, I'm not referring to the speech patterns that make them all sound as though they are in some eternal, varsity-level marijuana-induced haze.  Regardless of the words coming out of leftists' mouths, anytime a leftist tries to argue a point, it always seems as if you are watching a stoned college frat kid comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s.  Now, though, the Loony Left has made it even easier to identify its acolytes.

Image: Machaela Cavanaugh (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

The true leftist identifier has now moved from style to the actual words they speak.  Republicans and even middle-of-the-road Americans speak in coherent sentences.  We are able to elucidate our points clearly.  We then listen to the other side.  Assuming the other side is intelligent, is informed, and has bathed that week, we can usually have a meaningful discussion.  Of course, forget Dems in D.C.  Trying to teach MumblesGiggles, or Fetterman to speak coherently would be like trying to teach a pig to dance: it will never work, and it just angers the pig.

The new radical left can speak only by chanting some phrase, usually translated from one of Trotsky’s diatribes against the West.  All that leftists do is repeat the same senseless phrase over and over.

This activity is usually restricted to the streets and college campuses.  However, Democrat Nebraska state senator Machaela Cavanaugh has upped their game.  Take a look at her three minutes of floor time in the Nebraska Senate.  It is truly amazing.

As I promised, amazing!

Actually, remembering SNL, Ms. Cavanaugh looks as though she might have a pretty good 1990s-era buzz going on.

Where are the clear and concise comments from John Fetterman when we need them?

Ed Sherdlu is the pen name of a retired American television network news reporter.  He uses a pen name because he would be embarrassed if his grandchildren learned he had failed his 12-Step Journalism Recovery Program.

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