Tempered praise of signless houses

A pedestrian observes houses, apartment windows, and yards that don't have signs on them.  They constitute the majority of homes, even in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, and New York, and they fill my heart slowly drip hope into my heart.

Households not bowed into showing the woke gang tags remind me of America the brave the non-bamboozled into lockstep.  They might be Democrats, they might be Republicans, they might be independents, libertarians, classical liberals, paleoconservatives, natural law, constitutionalists, or politically unaffiliated and uninvolved.  However, they are all holding a line versus the woke mind virus.

I'm proud of the committed stance mental independence of the Signless Americans.  It's no secret that wokesters need everyone to agree with them, and that they condemn the country as a whole for not coming into their line.  Thusly the heart of the country these days, it seems, is represented by households abiding without the need to broadcast dogmatic statements on weather, sex, color, and the like.

The shining symbolic beacon is a clear window — and a signless one — letting in the actual light of a beautiful day.  Opaque signs, especially ones in pirate flag colors, have a way of blotting daylight out.

My America also lives where there is a window, porch, or yard maintained with intelligence enough to refrain from flag-waving for, say, the CIA's decade-long darling in Eastern Europe.

I'm not saying it's better not to express at all than to express ideas — far from it.  Yet it is better to think about what you want to say than to just signal "the current thing."  One way to tell if a signage message is just repeating "the current thing" is to ask yourself these questions: could most Americans point to Ukraine on a map before the signs and flags popped up?  Does signaged America have an overabundance of immunologists, meteorologists, and international relations specialists we didn't know about?

Silence (and signlessness) is golden even more in these times because of the droning nature of what mass communications have become.  "Droning" puts it fairly mildly — the establishment media are busybodies for propagating the interests of bureaucrats, in the relentless way of Operation Mockingbird.  The house signage industry is dominated by the same narrative of that media.

Here's to people who are their own and who think for themselves!  Who leave others to own themselves medically.  Who leave car-makers and car-buyers to choose their own forms of vehicle propulsion.  Who know the significance of the character far exceeds that of the skin's shade.  Who value others' innocence from sexual agendas.  Who respect the right of Americans to have a border before taking a loud position on an expensive boundary skirmish in Eastern Europe that is sucking the value of Americans' dollars dry.

Raise a toast to people who honor the neighborhood as a place to cultivate a culture of respect, not a bully pulpit for the identical corrupted views of the corrupt radical political machine.

The thing is, why my praise is tempered, is that withholding speech is like not using the speech muscle.  Use-it-or-lose-it sets in eventually.

That's why, in measured amounts that are right for you — ways of speaking that only you yourself would know — the right to speak what you really think has to be exercised.  Otherwise, the window will finally close on the right to speak freely.

In an accelerating fashion, wrong-speak in America may soon be considered a felony if it is capable of "causing offense."  Your opinion on policy can be pegged as "aiding and abetting Russia" or "enemies of the state" and get you raided.  Expressing opinions would get you "affiliated with domestic terrorism" in the eyes and actions of the FBI.  It's already happening.  It will become a norm if we forget that those are the stakes if we fail to engage our voices and expression for too long.

That's why the woke battalion uses the term "allies" for people whom they have entrapped and intimidated, not always peacefully, into repeating the mantras of globalist anti-human agendas.  "Intersectional allies" march in sign-bearing uniformity, pursuing a communications war on the U.S., its boundaries, and the rights to be free that we enjoy "social injustice."

O' to unsigned, unflagged American people: we are countrymen.  Signageless resister, I don't know your exact opinion.  That's okay.  You value your right to be peaceful, quiet, and thoughtful about your sovereign course of life in this republic, and my right to be the same.  Here is a salute to you!  America is coming to a point where the survival of liberty is at stake.  Thank you for patriotically guarding, at least for now, watching and contemplating your situation as a free citizen of the republic.

Photo credit: Steve.Fami.lyCC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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