Soros is a lifelong antisemite

George Soros is one of the strangest persons ever to achieve power and celebrity, in my opinion.  Because he is genetically Jewish, any public criticism of Soros is instantly followed by attack-dog howling by the leftist media, because Soros pays for many of the radical shock troops of the Democrat party, and he uses that power to protect his public reputation.

But you can read Soros on himself very clearly, and he is quite willing to confess to actions that would make normal people feel suicidal shame and guilt.

The most famous story is told by Soros himself about his early experiences in Budapest, where he grew up in "an anti-semitic secular family" of Jewish origins.  Soros's birth name was "Schwartz" ("black" in German), not an unusual name, but he changed it to Soros, which sounds like a pun on the Yiddish term for trouble and pain, "tsores."

That word reminds us of the English word "sorrows," as in Handel's Messiah, which describes Jesus as "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief."

According to his autobiography, George Soros made his first fortune as a young man in Budapest by selling the (stolen) furniture of Jewish families who were deported to the death camps by the Nazis and their Hungarian allies.  Soros makes no secret of the fact that he hates Jews, as his father did before him.  He also hates the land of Israel, which is often seen to be the only good thing to emerge from the genocide of the Jews by Hitler and the Nazis.

Elon Musk is therefore not wrong to say that Soros "hates humanity," as shown by Soros's lifelong pursuit of the destruction of the United States and its most precious values.

Today, Soros may be closer to his goal than ever before, given our Swamp Coup against constitutional government in the United States.

Psychologically, the idea of "identification with the aggressor" is known as "Stockholm syndrome."  Viktor Frankl's books on his concentration camp experiences describe the case of victims in the camps who identified with their persecutors by wearing small scraps of thrown-away SS uniforms.  These psychologically desperate people might persecute other Jews to please their Nazi guards.  The other prisoners called them "Kapos," and the Kapo syndrome is well known to historians of that time.

Soros is therefore a kind of inverted image of Jesus of Nazareth, "the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief," who did not simply suffer, but identified with the torturers.  In extremis, people do become deeply confused and mad.

I suppose we should have compassion for people like George Soros, but first, Americans have to be very careful not to be manipulated by people of this kind.  Above all, we have to be clear about the truth about Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama, and the whole cast of Batman characters who keep raising their heads in this administration.

Soros is said to fund many of the anti-American front groups on the radical left, and that gives us an important hint about the truth for Jokers claiming to switch genders or forcing young children to guess about their own sexuality, years before biological puberty occurs.

Current America and Europe look increasingly like the Weimar Republic, which deliberately set about subverting standard Jewish and Christian values, so that Hitler, when he rose to power, was already burning a culture in ruins.

Telling the truth about the upside-down psychology of people like Joe Biden is a crucial first step.  We have to tell the truth every day, over and over again, until it prevails again in American life.

Photo credit: Heinrich Boll-StiftungCC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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