7 years after Obama commuted his life sentence, Chicago man charged with shooting on an expressway leaving a woman 'brain dead'

The Democrats' war on "the war on drugs" has new casualty in Chicago.  Convinced that the higher rate of incarceration for drug offenses African Americans experience is proof of racism and has nothing to do with different patterns of behavior, then-president Obama commuted the life sentence of Alton Mills.  After his third felony conviction, this time for trafficking cocaine, Mills had received a life sentence.

As CWBChicago reports:

Shortly after receiving clemency, Mills spoke at a U.S. Senate criminal justice forum at the invitation of Sen. Dick Durbin. At the time, Durbin said Mills was "an overlooked casualty in our 'war on drugs.'"

Durbin lionized Mills as a "victim" on the Senate floor.

Photo credit: YouTube, Illinois State Police via CWB Chicago.

Well, there is another victim now, one who committed no crime other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time in Chicago, which frequently is a lethal and unavoidable error.  And there will be no clemency for her.  Via CWBChicago:

Early Sunday morning, May 14, three friends left a nightclub in south suburban Harvey, and one of them drove the group home. As their Ford Explorer neared the ramp to I-57, the driver pulled up behind Mills' SUV at a red light, Assistant State's Attorney Kathryn Morrissey said during Mills' bail hearing this week.

Mills' car didn't move when the light turned green, so the Explorer's driver pulled around and passed without screaming or honking, according to Morrissey. She said Mills sped to catch up to the Explorer, pulled up next to them, and fired shots from his driver's window.

A bullet struck a woman sleeping in the Explorer's back seat in the head, Morrissey said. The Explorer's front passenger told police that the shooter was an older Black man with a salt and pepper beard. She also took a blurry picture of the gunman's license plate and recorded a video in which she read the license plate number out loud.

The Explorer's driver sped to a Chicago Fire Department station near 79th and Michigan and called the police.

Morrissey explained that Illinois State Police investigators focused on Mills' vehicle after reviewing license plate reader data from the area of the shooting. Police executed search warrants on his home and car Monday. They found loose 40-caliber bullets in his bedroom, the same caliber used in the shooting, and his car tested positive for gunshot residue, according to Morrissey.

She told Judge Carroll that Mills "made admissions that he did the shooting." Mills, she said, is responsible for inflicting "great bodily harm and soon death" on the victim.

He is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Don't ever expect any admission of a mistake or remorse in the release of this man who reportedly has confessed to a brutal, senseless murder of a woman in her sleep.  In fact, expect continued pressure to release more drug criminals.

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