Is Anthony Weiner going to expose himself to politics again?

After getting run out of public life in disgrace for exposing himself to an underage girl, Anthony Weiner is hearing it's time for a comeback.

According to Breitbart News:

Friends of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), a convicted sex offender, are urging him to run for political office again — making a comeback by pitching himself as a moderate Democrat to rebuild New York City.

Curtis Sliwa, the former GOP mayoral candidate for New York City, said he and others are encouraging Weiner to run for office again.

"He has been encouraged to run for office by me and others," Sliwa said on his 77 WABC radio show which he hosts with Weiner. "... to be the moderate Democrat, to be what this city needs now to take it back from [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]. He knows the moderate path to save the city."

Weiner's problems in public life first started in May 2011 when he mistakenly posted a photo of his penis to his Twitter page. Weiner quickly deleted the post and claimed, repeatedly, that he was hacked.

That is probably the first time we've ever heard that the guy was some kind of reasonable and temperate moderate, but perhaps this is a relative thing.

Weiner was the embodiment of a radical leftist liberal in the early aughts and teens, when he made so many headlines for his pervert behavior.  He was all in for abortion.  He loved big budgets and high taxes.  He was a "thought leader" on same-sex "marriage."  He loved greenie infrastructure boondoggles and intrusive laws for the public.  He was soft on crime and soft on the border.  His record speaks for itself.  Some lefties viewed him as a finger-to-the-wind type guy, as this 2013 New York Times summary basically argued.  He was always a good Democrat foot soldier on the issues who could get ornery if he wasn't given the attention he thought Democrats should give him, and like many machine Democrats, he had a tremendous inclination to cling to power.  He was, after all, married to Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, who eventually dumped him after his political career crashed and burned.

In short, he was a Democrat's Democrat, and with Joe Biden in the saddle, the party has switched into "11" extremism, meaning, someone needs to play the moderate.  Maybe it could be he.

Is there any reason at all to think that this guy could be a moderate?

Not really.  The extent to which Weiner would claim that might be the extent to which Democrat voters are dissatisfied with the state of their party and looking for someone to fill that bill.  Weiner could maybe act that role out, but everyone knows that that's not how he rolls.

What it shows is that Democrats are such a mess that Weiner may be seeing himself an opportunity.  He could recrudesce with voters because finding a moderate Democrat is so utterly impossible.  Sure, Eric Adams tried that route, and everyone saw through it, so they may be wary of the shtick.  Right now, Democrats are saying they've had it with Sen. Joe Manchin, who's probably the only moderate Democrat out there in a classical sense, even as the grassroots Democrats are starting to gravitate toward semi-crackpots of truly lunatic ideas with hideous allies, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The idea that Weiner, a guy who begs to cling to power forever and ever, could play the role of moderate Democrat, simply because he hasn't been in the Democrat milieu for a few years, is nonsense.

But he may try.  And Democrats may be ready to believe him.  If the rest of the party carries on in its kamikaze role on all issues that stink to the public, including the Democrat public, it may just be willing to let him expose himself again.


Image: Screen shot from ABC News video via YouTube.

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