Madame VP finally mentions the border

Our border czar (or is it czarina?) decided to say something about the border situation. It's been a while since VP Kamala Harris said anything, so she got our attention.  This is what she said

Kamala Harris has claimed the end of Title 42 is 'going rather smoothly' despite border governors dropping off migrants at her own home and thousands of migrants remain stuck in processing.

The Vice President spent her weekend in the wealthy Atlanta suburb of Buckhead at a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Georgia, the third time she's visited the swing state this year.

The state's Republican Party called it 'deplorable' Harris was 'coming to Atlanta for a fundraiser campaigning while the border crisis is overflowing and we have out-of-control inflation' in a statement.

Responding to that criticism, Harris said everything she's heard from the border crisis is apparently fine.

'I hear that everything in the last couple of a days is going rather smoothly given what the concerns were,' Harris said.

She then doubled down on Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas' choice to blame Congress. 

'The issue of immigration falls squarely within the responsibility of the United States Congress. We've done what we can but the Congress must pass legislation,' she added.

We got this: it's all Congress's fault anyway.

Honestly, I don't know why the big surge did not happen.  My guess is that there are a couple of things in play.

First, Texas has placed lots of troops at strategic places, and it's a lot more complicated to surge.

Second, the human-smugglers are smart, and they know that a surge is bad for their business.  They are probably controlling the flow so we don't have a human wave crashing the gates.  In other words, the people are on the other side, and they will come.

In the meantime, some are getting court date notices for 2027.  What are these people going to do in the next four years?  I guess we will find out when they get off at the V.P.'s residence.

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Image: Picryl.

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