June: Pride Month becoming Shame Month?

Being a gay Republican has been a traditionally friendless condition, as it seems that everyone thinks I'm a hypocrite.  But lately I've had a lot more company as gay men and women realize that the alphabet mafia are targeting children, and Republicans have taken a more libertarian approach toward gays and lesbians.

Republicans don't hold any seats on the Burlington, Vermont city council.  But the people who run as Republicans for those seats are gay.  As a matter of fact, liberal Burlington has been at war with a group of gay Republicans for a few years now.

The "sticker war" has painted a group of gay Republican men posting stickers around town that say things like "No one is born in the wrong body" as transphobic Nazis who must be prosecuted for vandalism.  Now, this might have merit if they were also planning to prosecute the liberals putting up "trans women are women" stickers, or anyone else putting up stickers.  They aren't...because Burlington is littered with stickers.  It's what they do there.

There are a ton of gay people who are absolutely disgusted by the trans/alphabet movement and its Target-ing (pun intended, but not humorously) of kids.  And they are starting to vote red.

There are more than a few of us who are grossed out that the rainbow flag has gone from obscure code for "this is a gay bar" to some strange liberal virtue signal.  We refuse to use the pronouns, and we know that men can't become women.

We are put off by the showcasing of "TSLGBTQ2A++" people.  We are disgusted that alphabet people are showcased at all, as sex is a private thing.

People like Sam, the cross-dressing, luggage-stealing, bestiality-"playing" nuclear waste of a dude in a dress.

Or Megan, the purple-haired America-hating soccer player and Subway spokesthing.

Or Richard the TV doctor who transitioned into Liz Cheney.

Or the 26-year-old Bud Light dude who wears a sports bra and single-handedly destroyed an American brand.

Or Mayor Beetlejuice, the lesbian who destroyed Chicago...Mayor Pete on maternity leave...ferociously Steph the Twitch censorship deer... WilLIAm the swimming dude...and Satan's little sausage roll, Grammy Sammy.

This group of narcissistic bullies has been put forth as representative of gay people, presumably because Leopold and Loeb, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy were unavailable?

The only worthwhile story out of the alphabet mafia super-zero group was Brittany the kneeler, who now stands during the National Anthem...but only after thinking it over in a Russian jail for a few months.  Better late than never, I guess.

Some gay people still live normal lives and don't need to be held up as some kind of weird example of how to be.  They aren't narcissists; they don't want followers or accolades.

I have a friend who probably holds the record for most consecutive election losses ever; he is the most vilified local person in Burlington.  He deals with an amount of hate that would make President Trump take pause.

I have another gay Republican friend who has trained gas truck drivers for a decade with a perfect company safety record.  His company will never feature him in company LGBT propaganda, because they don't know he's gay.  It's not a big secret; he just figured it's nobody's business at work.

I am quite active in my local county GOP in rural Illinois.  People know I'm gay because it's a small town, and nobody cares.  I attend events and will become a more effective fundraiser this year.

My friends and I are ashamed and embarrassed this month.  What should be obscure little festivals, that are something for gay people to do besides go to the bar, have morphed into obscene virtue-signaling gatherings and corporate perversion.

I quit shopping at Target years ago when the bathroom issue happened.  I had never heard of "tucking panties" until Target started carrying them for children.  For those that don't know yet, a "tucking panty" is an exaggerated artificial camel toe.  Gross enough that a specialty shop would carry such a product for adults.  It's unforgivable for a big box store to market this thing to children.

It's mortifying to watch the narcissism on display by the alphabet mafia and their sponsors.  I really can't apologize for their behavior, any more than I can apologize for the behavior of dead slave-owners.  But I just thought you should know that some of us are embarrassed, and dedicated to fighting leftist insanity.  Happy month before July, everyone!

Photo credit: Marco VerchCC BY 2.0 license.

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