Joe Biden needs a therapy dog

Recently, an American Thinker contributor convincingly proposed that Biden receive Eli Lilly's new Alzheimer's treatment.  As a complement to his donanemab intravenous infusions, Biden should be assigned a therapy dog.  Clearly, his German Shepherd doesn't make the grade.

In some ways, our loyal companions reflect our personalities and demeanor as they read our emotions.  A human (if Biden qualifies as such) struggling for equanimity may convey his bad behavioral traits to his dogs.  Act agitated, and, as if by unconscious osmosis, your dog may exude an unfriendly predisposition.

That may have been the case with Major, Biden's German Shepherd, who wasn't shy in biting perceived interlopers from the Secret Service.  Given the unstable and dystopian pack occupying the White House, it's predictable that a herding dog would try to assert himself as the alpha.  Such deportment may even manifest by nipping the "Trump leftovers" in the Secret Service — whom Biden considered MAGA sympathizers.  Poor Major was just mimicking brutal Biden's lack of impulse control.

Major was the first shelter dog to live in the White House, and he can be a good boy in a salubrious environment — away from demented Biden, to start.  They were a combustible mix: he is an aggressive, snarly old man who threatens to punch people, so is it any wonder that snarly Major was not always man's best friend?

Champ, Biden's previous German Shepherd, was dirty and disheveled to the point of resembling a junkyard dog, again mimicking Biden's unpleasant appearance and demeanor.

Clearly, most dogs that are not trained as therapy dogs don't cozy up to Biden.  Consider the adorable Bernese Mountain Dog, shacking up with the president of Ireland, who found Biden quite off-putting.  Perhaps the normally lovable Bernese was skittish because it could sense the shocking chemical imbalances in Biden's Grim Reaper–like visage.

By contrast, therapy dogs are specially trained to comfort humans (and other animals) who are struggling to cope with life.  Their heartwarming caregiving is almost miraculous, and our heroes deserve them.  So do Alzheimer's patients; in fact, therapy dogs are ideal for that purpose.  I don't think Biden is as deserving, but let's be magnanimous...

German Shepherds like Major are impressive beasts that are especially amenable, with proper training, to military and police work.  Yes, they can also ingratiate themselves into nice families.  A select few may even become therapy dogs; however, in general, they do not make the list of the top 14 breeds for this magnificent mission.

Instead, what Biden needs (among many things) after his monthly donanemab intravenous infusion is a gentle Labrador or Golden Retriever to emanate compassion and console the poor old sod.  Their very presence can help reduce the effects of dementia.  A pleasing therapy dog, enthusiastically reporting for duty, may even turn punchy Biden (as in pugilistic) into a punch-happy spirit who's always willing to negotiate.

Image: birgl via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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