It's primary season again!

The three-ring circus also known as the presidential primaries is in full swing.

The lines are clearly drawn on the Republican side, particularly now that DeSantis has made his bid official, albeit in an epic fail of technical incompetence.  It's no longer Donald Trump v. The Keebler Elves, as Steve Bannon has labeled the hopefuls.  It's now Donald Trump v. Ron DeSantis and the Seven Dwarves, as an homage to Ron's favorite nemesis.

The rest are just noise.  Certainly, Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy have impressive MAGA cred, but no chance of winning.  Nikki Hailey is tainted by her participation in the World Economic Forum's Young Leaders program, and Judas Pence is betting on the metals market with his investment of 30 pieces of silver.

To many of us, DeSantis tarnished himself by tying his launch to a group of billionaires and mega-donors.  This cabal of establishment RINOs and the political consulting class leaves a stench on Ron's credibility as a populist candidate.  If they get him across the finish line, they will expect their pound of flesh in the form of Cabinet positions and policy concessions.  Populist Ron will be bought-and-paid-for Ron.

It is laughable that Rupert Murdoch has committed Fox's full support to Ron.  Now Fox News will not just report the news, but will also be openly committed to defining the narrative.  All brought to you by the globalist Murdoch clan.  What's wrong with this picture?

The Democrat side is much more entertaining.  

Many believe that Joe Biden will not be the candidate in 2024, that he will be dumped in favor of someone else.  But whom?  Beside his undeniable descent into senility, his poll numbers continue their steady decline to a yet to be determined bottom.  Not the recipe for a winning race, even accounting for Democrat election creativity, and it's a clear sign that someone else needs to lead the ticket.  It's an unusual step for a party to primary out its own incumbent, but the Democrats may have no choice.  Of course, they could let the FBI release the documents about Biden family corruption and let the impeachment process do the work.

But the Democrat bench is shaky, to say the least.  Cackling Kamala is a master word salad chef, and her campaign from a yellow school bus would certainly add a new dynamic, but it doesn't speak of gravitas and leadership.  There are the wicked witches:  Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.  Hillary has an image problem now that the Durham Report clearly lands 2016 election interference in her lap.  She's now "ultra-crooked Hilary."  Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren almost makes Hilary likable — a very low bar.

Can Gavin Newsom overcome the disaster that is California?  How about Pete Buttigieg?  His incompetence at the Department of Transportation speaks for itself.  Some postulate Michelle Obama, but who really wants a fourth Obama presidency?  And who is Marianne Williamson?

Enter stage right Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Democrat problem comes into clear focus.  They really, really, really don't want a primary challenge when the strongest contender, polling as strongly as Biden, is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Why wouldn't they welcome with open arms a man of integrity with the Kennedy name and growing popular support?  Probably because a President Bobby Jr. would be a disaster for the progressive left.  He not only knows the truth about the tyranny behind the COVID pandemic, but has written a jaw-dropping exposé to back it up.  Consequently, he has big enemies, particularly Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — darlings of globalists and progressives worldwide.

He has publicly alleged CIA involvement in the assassination of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, giving him another powerful group of enemies in the Intelligence Community who don't want the truth known and don't want the inevitable reforms knowing the truth will bring.  He's already launched his campaign and has shown himself to be a major primary challenger forcing the Democrats to take him seriously.  

Oh, what fun!

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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