Is righteous indignation all we get?

How long do the pols and the media think they can get away with it? Do they think their histrionics will carry the day forever?

I started writing an essay nearly a month ago that I never completed. It started with the fact that all I wanted to do was throw something at the TV and shut up the pols. Talk about bloviating! Nothing has changed since I started writing except, of course, that Tucker got canned. He was the only one bearable to watch. The rest? Useless!

Tonight, for example, I listened to Jim Jordan go scorched earth on Biden and his horde of ill-gotten family treasure. Great, we’ve confirmed what we always knew, but with more details. Now what? Where’s the intention to proceed with an indictment, special prosecutor, haul the family over hot coals—anything real?

Instead, we got ye olde Righteous Indignation, AKA an excuse for doing absolutely nothing. The “club” is one where you wouldn’t want to be a member because the slime on the floor is so thick.

Every day, we get more of the same. A shrill, nasty “interviewer” brow-beating Trump and wildly slinging lies, followed by the MSM dissing Trump for trying to get a word in edgewise. “He’s lying” seems to be their default, when anyone with half a brain can see that it’s they who lie.

Image by kues1.

At least in that interview, we could see what was happening clearly. Not that you can even find it to replay without a serious internet hunt. A Google search turned up commentary, all of it, of course, by the “pundits” on MSNotBeCredible, or other CNN shills, or, of course, the “View.” If I had that view, I’d move.

So, should I get to be righteously indignant myself, because it’s the only tool in my toolbox? Well…I have no power, politically. Who can I call and subject to a rant? My congressperson, Barbara Lee? My senator, DiFi? Really? What good would that do?

It’s particularly galling that you have a “Republican minority leader” in the Senate who is a closet Progressive. Since Biden entered office, name me one thing Mitch McConnell has done to advance reality. You can’t, right? And who there is holding him accountable?

You hear Ted Cruz yammer on about the border but does it do any good? The chokehold the left has managed to put us in, with complicity from the RINO “right,” is strangling all of us.

How many times can you be lied to, to your face, when you know it’s a lie before you go nuts? How many of our “leaders” have a thin veneer of self-righteous indignation over their forked-tongued, snake souls? How many times can we watch them sell us all down the river?

Our mental health is suffering, just as is our physical well-being. We see what is happening, yet are powerless to do anything because we’re so tied up in knots by crooked pols, corrupt judges, greedy, soulless state media.

How many times can you watch good people imprisoned for years because of lies? Once, when I was younger, and read Kafka and Orwell, I thought it couldn’t happen here. Boy, was I wrong!

They want to take our guns away, and their method is to foment more and more craziness to make an excuse to do so. You hear newscasters talk about “gun crime” as if the damned things had legs, a brain, and a trigger finger. Always absent, is the schizoid, drugged-out person who lies at the heart of the story. Unless, of course, that person might be a conservative white — then, we’d get an earful, ad nauseam.

We had a killing in Tennessee, a horrific school shooting that took the lives of children and adults, that a so-called transgender person perpetrated. Do you know what all those hormones, taken to suppress one’s natural gender attributes, can do to a person’s mind? No?

Have you ever known a pregnant lady with surging hormones and emotions raging? Well, imagine that, but instead of natural hormones, how about some synthesized one-size-fits-all version, and strong enough to stop puberty, shrink genitals, or grow breasts? How many lives are they going to ruin with this ruse? Add SSRIs to the mix, which I’m betting this person was taking, and all bets are off.

For all I know (because the manifesto is manifestly absent from view), that deluded so-called transgender person shot up the school because it suddenly realized what a crock of crapola it had been fed, that it was now sterile, and uncomfortable in its own skin.  (Please note that I refuse to “gender” this human, or now former human. Sorry).

To say I’m fed up with it all is an understatement. We must throw all the bums out—McConnell, Lindsey Graham…the whole lip-service crowd. We need some people who will act, not just be righteously indignant. I can do righteous indignation on my own, and it won’t get me anywhere—and it won’t get them anywhere either.

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