Since when do illegal alien invaders get priority over needy Americans?

When did unvetted foreigners violating our border rise to the top of the list of priorities for receiving taxpayer-funded services? And when did homeless veterans, many of whom are homeless because of traumas they endured while serving our country in distant and dangerous places, become sacrificial lambs in order to house these unvetted law-breakers who have no roots here?

Who made this decision?

 Nearly two dozen struggling homeless veterans have been booted from upstate hotels to make room for migrants, says a nonprofit group that works with the vets.

The ex-military — including a 24-year-old man in desperate need of help after serving in Afghanistan — were told by the hotels at the beginning of the week that their temporary housing was getting pulled out from under them at the establishments and that they’d have to move on to another spot, according to the group and a sickened local pol.

“Our veterans have been placed in another hotel due to what’s going on with the immigrants,’’ said Sharon Toney-Finch, the CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation.

Toney-Finch, a disabled military veteran, created YIT to raise awareness of premature births, as well as helping the homeless and low-income military service veterans in need of living assistance. (snip)

She said the hotels didn’t explicitly say the vets had to move because of the migrants but that it was clear to her that was the case, given the timing.

Thank goodness, the vets weren’t put out on the street, but they were uprooted.

The vets were about two weeks into their hotel stays when they got the boot, she said.

“Now we have to work from ground zero. We just lost that trust [with the vets],” the organizer said.

There is trauma for some:

State Assemblyman Brian Maher, a Republican who helps rep Orange County, said, “Shining a light on this is important because we need to make sure these hotels know how important it is to respect the service of our veterans before they kick [them] out of hotels to make room.”

“They really ought to think about the impact on these people already going through a traumatic time,’’ he told The Post.

So, why toss the deserving vets for strangers? It seems to come down to money -- taken from taxpayers and spent by governments:

Toney-Finch said she believes it all comes down to money.

“They want to get paid’’ more, she said of the hotels, referring to what her group shells out to get the vets housing compared to what the city is paying for each migrant.

“That’s so unfair, because at the end of the day, we are a small nonprofit, and we do pay $88 a day for a veteran to be there,” she said.

While it’s unclear what the city is paying upstate, various reported deals between the Big Apple and Manhattan hotels have called for payments such as $190 a night — part of an estimated $4.3 billion migrant price tag for taxpayers through spring 2024.

Homeless veterans are not the only group to be slighted by the priority given to taxpayer-funded services given to the invaders. Residents of the heavily black South Shore neighborhood of Chicago protested a plan to use a school there to house illegal aliens, mostly single adult males.   

 Residents of South Shore are taking legal action against the city of Chicago over plans to turn a shuttered neighborhood high school into a migrant respite center.

"Members of the Black Community Collaborative, South Shore constituents and stakeholders are extremely dismayed by the city of Chicago's inability to control and develop safe parameters around housing migrants that have been transported here from the border," said Natasha Dunn.

A week ago, hundreds of South Shore neighbors packed into an auditorium and pilloried city officials as they attempted to explain plans to open a respite center for incoming migrants in the former school building.

YouTube screengrab

Just listen to this South Shore resident speaking at a rally yesterday to protest the plan (45 second clip):

The gross violation of our border by millions of people is being felt all over America. Housing already is inadequate in many areas, too costly for first time buyers, with rents also skyrocketing. So, where are all these newcomers going to be housed?

The reaction of South Shore blacks will be shared by groups of every color and ethnic background. People who might have shunned the expression “America first” when Donald Trump uttered it may find it applies to their own difficulties as a remedy.

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