Does anyone else have a problem fathoming woke clichés and edicts?

Under the constant barrage of woke Newspeak, we Neanderthal knuckle-draggers, mired in the traditional interpretation of English, usually find it difficult to understand the logic or validity of the enlightening social concepts it forces upon us:

  1. If diversity is our strength, is unity a weakness?  Should we be the Diverse States of America?
  2. Are "going green" and "saving the planet" buying oil from OPEC instead of drilling for it at home and offshoring manufacturing jobs to Asia?
  3. If gender is a social construct, why does it take gender-affirming surgery to alter it?
  4. Why can gender be assigned on fetal ultrasound but not on a birth certificate or driver's license?
  5. If there are over twenty genders, what is the relevance of a gender reveal party?
  6. If race is a social construct, what is the legitimacy of skin color–based educational and career advancement?
  7. If America suffers from systemic racism, are not liberals and non-white people racists?
  8. If CRT is a theory, why must we respond to it as fact?
  9. If we are all originally from Africa, are we all entitled to reparations?
  10. Why do only purchasers of slaves have to pay reparations?  Shouldn't descendants of African chieftains who sold slaves to slave traders have to pay, too?
  11. Do we need to pay reparations to descendants of Japanese-Americans who were interned in camps during WW2?
  12. Why doesn't inclusivity include white males, conservatives, rednecks, opposing views, MAGA, and the NRA?
  13. Where did all these "experts" come from?
  14. Why in the most technically advanced nation on Earth does it take two weeks to learn election results?  Is that part of the war on voter suppression?
  15. Why is voter suppression the casting of closed ballots on Election Day by documented citizens?
  16. If we can't define "woman," how can we advocate for women's rights?
  17. What does "my body, my choice!" have to do with a fetus's body?
  18. If abortion is a woman's health issue, is pregnancy a disease?
  19. If the family structure is oppressively patriarchal, why are most households run by women?
  20. If Democrats are so opposed to income inequality, why are most of the super-rich now of that persuasion?

Maybe educators need to establish course curricula in woke Newspeak to supplement their gender, diversity, and equity programs.

Graphic credit: Pixabay license.

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