A leftist has a lightbulb moment about abortion

Lance of The Serf Times, a Canadian YouTube channel, is a reliable purveyor of all things leftist. That’s why it stood out when he suddenly realized that abortion affects more than just the pregnant woman. To the extent that Lance lives and breathes leftism, there’s not going to be an overnight Road to Damascus moment for him, but maybe that crack in the leftist wall will start changing his mind.

The Serf Times promises that “In a media landscape blemished by blemish [sic] we seek to provide news for the alienated masses.” When you visit its YouTube home page, you learn that the news that Serf Times purveys comes solely from the left. It boasts about savaging conservative commentators, insists January 6 was an insurrection, attacks Dennis Prager’s Five-Minute Videos, and generally toes the leftist party line in all things.

Indeed, the channel’s attacks on Dennis Prager are a sure sign of the site’s leftism because it calls that playlist “PragerPoo,” and all the videos have the poop emoji. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s the leftist obsession with fecal matter, just one of many signs showing how leftist ideology keeps people in a perpetual anal stage of life.

I don’t know if Lance and Serf Times are one and the same or if he’s part of a crew. It’s enough to note the affiliation.

Image: Lance has an epiphany. Twitter screen grab.

It’s also appropriate to note that Lance isn’t overwhelmingly bright, something obvious from his recent guest appearance on TimCast, one of six sites run by Tim Pool, a hugely popular podcast host. If you aren’t familiar with Pool, he started as a leftist (Occupy Wall Street and Vice Media) but, because he’s intelligent and observant, has drifted to the right.

Once on-air with Pool, Lance tried unavailingly to justify so-called “gender-affirming care” for children. He made a factually wrong comparison to left-handedness (just as left-handers are freed from forced right-handedness, so too are we freeing children from forced biological gender) and an equally fallacious claim that puberty suppressors are safe and have been prescribed to children for decades. Wrong and wrong.

In other words, Lance is committed to every leftist idea but doesn’t think things through very well.

The really beautiful moment, though, came when Pool challenged Lance on his mindless statement that only the woman’s body and rights are at stake with an abortion. The video clip below shuts off when Lance suddenly has an epiphany about the errors in this thinking, so be sure to watch it to the end:

For someone as committed to all leftist shibboleths as Lance is, it’s highly unlikely that, having had this epiphany, he’ll suddenly realize that all his beliefs, including about abortion, are wrong. That’s seldom how the human mind works.

What does happen, though, at least if you are intellectually honest, is that once there’s a break in the dam, it can’t be plugged. Instead, the dam’s integrity is gone. As you acquire new data, increasing numbers of fissures appear in the leftist dam that makes up your worldview. Get enough of those fissures, and the dam collapses. Your leftism is over and, maybe, Lance is on that journey.

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