You need not believe in Satan to believe in Satanism

The United States is, per the Supreme Court, a Christian nation, a fact by which even those among us who are not Christians are blessed with many benefits.  The positive influence of Jewish and Christian principles of governance is, by and large, known to historians.  Indeed, the very first words of the First Amendment in the Bill of rights are "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  These words come even before mention of freedom of the press or freedom of speech.  The Founders were certainly influenced by the Bible.

The part about "respecting an establishment of religion," by the way, does not mean what many who argue for absolute separation of church and state say it does.  It certainly does not cancel out the "free exercise" of religion.

As the U.S. becomes less and less Christian, the effects are clearly observable.  Offspring from fatherless homes populate an ever larger portion of our prison system.  Military recruiting has reached dangerously low levels, partly because of the high rate of criminality among military-age males.  Part of it is due to the perception that what used to be called sexual perversion is now integrated into the armed forces — dissuading many who have traditional moral values, and who are wary of what penalties might be imposed on them if they "misgender" anyone.

The waning of Christianity in America is illustrated by a movement among atheists to establish what are called atheist churches.  Odd as that may seem, there is a logic to the oddness.  Many present-day atheists spent their childhoods in church-going families.  Once they became adults, they abandoned faith and began living secular lives.  Such lives can be empty of the kinds of structure, moral and otherwise, that these atheists had known, and they yearn for that.  So they began establishing communities in which they attempt to recapture what they found good in the Christian lifestyle — but without the "Christ" part of it.  By gathering for weekly "services," they can study self-help philosophies (instead of biblical truth), they can sing inspirational songs (instead of hymns), and they can revere nature (instead of worshiping God).

A step or so beyond atheist churches are outright Satanic churches.  This is not a joke.  It is not the product of superstitious lunatics and cultists.  It is dead serious, and it has major implications for society.

Since 2019, The Satanic Temple has had religious IRS 501(c)(3) status.

The Satanic Temple sponsors an after-school program, in imitation of Christian after-school programs.

During Christmas season, where Nativity models are displayed, Satanic chapters install their own, competing symbols.

This past February, the Satanic Temple revealed its plans to operate a limited-style abortion clinic in New Mexico.

These news items reflect the actions of what, under law, are considered constitutionally protected expressions of religious belief.  Under the law, then, Satanism shares the same religious freedoms granted to Christianity and any other religion.  In effect, its legitimacy is considered equal to that of Jewish and Christian organized religions.

Satanic organizations present themselves as being for the good of humanity, promoting the welfare of all people, and encouraging self-fulfillment.  Some of them even deny that Satan is real, characterizing him instead as a symbolic reality, a lofty ideal to be achieved through devotion to self.

To be sure, the reality of Satanism is shrouded in myth, covered over in historic abuses by Christian churches of falsely accused witches and so forth.  The reality is that Satanists are not monolithic, having widely varied beliefs and even engaging in disputes among their rival factions.

So far as I know, none of them teaches what Jesus taught, and as well, none of them preaches the Risen Savior who will return from on high and rule a new heaven and a new earth.

Had the Founders been Satanists, America would never have become what it is, a nation emerging from a dreadful past and moving toward a future of freedom, justice, and virtuously exercised power.

One need not be a Christian to recognize Christianity's benevolence to society, nor need one be a Satanist to recognize that Satanism is at war against God.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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