Will you like what’s coming?

At the rate things are going, we’d better start preparing for life under perpetual Democrat or Uniparty governance. Here are just a few points to ponder about what that life might be like. Feel free to share with Woke family and friends.

Do you like the dark, i.e. living in the dark and carrying flashlights and candles after the sun goes down? You’d better because there will be lots of opportunity once Uniparty-induced brownouts and blackouts take hold because of our power grid’s inability to supply dependable power as the war on fossil fuels takes hold. Exaggerated? Read about California in the last 20 years.

Do you like extreme heat in your house in the summer? See above. Beware of living in the Southeast. This is how the Uniparty will play nasty against its most geographically identifiable opposition. Get screens for your windows. NOW.

Do you like extreme cold in your house in the winter? See above. By the way, don’t depend on firewood. They’ll ban it. CO2, you know.

Do you like to save money for your future and your family’s? Do you realize how very selfish that is? Do you have a preferred bank or stock market in mind that may not be subject to the Winds of Wokism, and its ensuant incompetence? Will your rate of savings ever exceed the future rate of inflation/money printing?

Image made using freepik and dashu83 pictures.

Do you think you’d rather just buy a hard tangible asset like gold? Do you realize that your government once outlawed gold ownership 100 years ago, forcing even average citizens to hand it over?

Do you like to eat? Do you like your kids to eat, and not have malnutrition? Guess what our country has depended on for over a century to bring its crops to market? (Hint: CO2.)

Do you like to see your kids maimed or killed in endless wars? It’s no use saying that won’t happen when the whole world is united by the current blend of fascism/socialism. Read the novel 1984. It’s the best expose ever of endless, revolving war.

Do you like living in a house with a backyard for your kids to play in? Did you ever read about the Obama administration’s plans for future American housing? It’s already being put in place in California.

Do you like being involved in your kids’ lives and helping them navigate life’s key issues? Sorry, the state will take over now. Think that’s a stretch? Ever hear of LGBTQ? Read about school districts across America (in red states and counties too) hiding children’s “gender status” from parents.

Do you like your kids being well educated? We are already seeing an epic slide downward here. Ask your kid to spot Uganda, Belarus, or Malaysia on a map. Ask your kid to do a simple ratio and proportion problem. Best of all, ask your kid how much change you get from a twenty if your bill was $11.31. In your near future, your children will likely have a failed intellect unless they are at an elite coterie of schools. (And malnutrition is never kind on brain development anyway).

Do you feel voting is good, and that your vote is meaningful? Have you read about the election of 2020? Do you know who Katie Hobbs or John Fetterman are?

Do you like having a dog or cat as a pet? Given items 2, 3 and 4, that may not be in the cards. Given item 6, you might become your pet’s greatest enemy. Do you know how few pets there were in the old Soviet Union or Mao’s Sino workers’ paradise? Ever wonder why?

Did you and your wife enjoy choosing a name for your child? Did you know that serious restrictions were placed on this in previous Marxist (socialist) societies?

Do you like the option of defending yourself if someone is trying to kill you or your family? Read about what happened to a certain parking garage attendant in Manhattan.

Do you want a better life for your child, and do you work hard to make that happen? Return to item 1 and read this list again.

Depending on how you answered these questions, you’ll know whether you’re ready to live in the Democrats’ brave new world or if you’re willing to go to the polls in the first half of 2024 to vote for the best Republican candidate in the primaries, and then to show up at the polls again in November, even if your candidate didn’t win, to slow the seemingly inevitable Democrat tide.

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