Why is Bill Maher the only one making sense?

It seems as if every week we hear something rather sensible from TV host Bill Maher.  First it was his attack on the cancel culture.  Then he pointed out that male swimmers are faster than female swimmers.  And now he asserts that black-on-black crime is a problem.  This is from his latest show:

HBO host Bill Maher on Friday said Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson was "excusing horrific behavior" in a speech he delivered following several shootings in Chicagoland last week and questioned why black celebrities with large fanbases do not have opinions on these issues.

"Most of the shootings [in Chicago] are young black men killing other young black men. Is that not correct?" Maher asked.

"Yeah that's correct," guest Glenn Loury responded.

"Okay, much more than what the cops do. Why doesn't anybody talk about that? Why aren't there a hundred giant black celebrities who would have the respect of those people saying what are you doing to yourselves? Why are you killing each other?" Maher asked.

"It dishonors our community. Come on, we're better than this," Loury said.

"Right," Maher responded. "It's never addressed."

Wow.  Is anybody in the Democrat party listening?  What a great opportunity for a national black political leader to start talking about the breakdown of African-American communities.  Unfortunately, there is no one like that around, and it's much easier to blame everything on racism.

Maybe Bill Maher should run for president.

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Image: Chris Harte.

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