The green foods time bomb

Green propagandists continue to inflict lethal damage to our electricity industry here in Australia — and it has become unreliable and expensive.

City food supplies cannot survive without reliable refrigeration at every level, from farms to retail stores.

Thus, unreliable green power supplies will produce unreliable food supplies.

Their intrusive green energy infrastructure is also nibbling away at our grasslands and farms, thus reducing their capacity to produce food.

Less recognized is the damage green propagandists are doing to our health and our food supply by attacking animal foods and promoting grains, vegetables, seeds, and fake foods for humans.

As far back as we have recorded history, humans have been hunter-gatherers.  They hunted, cooked, ate, and sometimes farmed cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, turkeys, swans, antelope, buffalo, caribou, mammoths, deer, bears, horses, mules, donkeys, camels, seals, herring, prawns, oysters, crabs, clams, cod, whales, sharks, salmon, kangaroos, possums, rabbits, hares, rats, mice, dogs, cougars, eels, snakes, and even other humans.  (Aboriginal cannibals on the Palmer River gold field in early Australia preferred to eat better-tasting Chinese people, who ate lots of rice, than over-salted Britishers, who ate lots of salt beef.)

When the hunters were successful, the tribe rejoiced and feasted mightily before the meats spoiled.  But when the hunters failed, they relied on the gatherers for ripening fruits, honey, tubers, wild onions, nuts, and laboriously harvested grains.  They learned that some plant foods were toxic unless treated in special ways by grinding, roasting, fermenting, and cooking.  Meats were the favored food, but some tribes also consumed raw milk, butter, cheese, and blood from their animals.  Some ate fish and waterfowl.  Fruits were seasonal foods, and tubers, onions, and grains were survival foods.  Party foods like sugar and alcohol were more recent inventions.

Human teeth reflect the foods they are designed to use — canines for gripping and ripping meat off bones, incisors for cutting bite-sized bits, and molars for chewing and grinding.  And humans have the forward-focused eyes of predators, not the all-round eyesight of their wary prey.

Men have always battled over hunting, fishing, and farming territory, but now greens are trying to lock all humans out with national parks; world heritage declarations; and bans and quotas on farming, fishing, and hunting.  They subsidize the sterilization of farms and grasslands with wind and solar "farms," access roads, and spider webs of power lines.  They also promote the conversion of farmland to bush and encourage offshore bird-choppers whose sonic noise upsets neighbors and seems to addle the navigating abilities of some sea creatures.

Now greens are attacking our carnivore diet and promoting a granivore-vegetarian diet for humans.  Politicians should be free to choose their own diet, but they should not force meat-lovers to pretend they are granivores with crops and gizzards, or plant-eating ruminants with extra stomachs and who spend ages re-chewing their vegetarian cuds.

The world's teeming cities are becoming increasingly reliant on grains, sugars, oil seeds, fruits, and vegetables grown by intense farming and heavily dependent on irrigation, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.  Grain-dependent feedlots produce much of our beef, pork, mutton, salmon, prawns, chickens, and eggs, and factories produce our baked, frozen, and canned foods.  Now greens are promoting de-natured fake "meat" and "milks" containing no meat or milk.

Pictorial Comment. "Fake Meat":

Image by permission.

While intense farming has fostered a dramatic increase in human population, the human food chain is swamped with grains, greens, and seed oils with their unhealthy lectins, glutens, oxalates, phytic acid, harmful oils, artificial sweeteners, and chemical additives and sprays.  This process parallels a dramatic deterioration in human health.  Like green energy, green food for humans is proving a disastrous choice.

Pretending humans are herbivores and granivores has accompanied an epidemic of ill health.  Obesity, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's, leaky gut, fatty liver, dental caries, heart failure, cancers, brain fog, knee replacement, stomach stitching, birth defects, and gender confusion seem to be hallmarks of our age.  The surgery waiting lists keep expanding.

But instead of trying to fix our dietary problems, we have created a massive new "health" industry.  While human diets race off in the wrong direction, health research seeks magic bullets and focuses on profitable vaccines, patentable medicines, expensive surgery, and genetic wizardry.

Even grazing animals that once lived mainly on grasses and herbs (with a little ripening grass seeds just before the hard times of winter) are now confined in food factories, with little exercise, and encouraged to gorge on farmed grains.  Omnivorous pigs and chickens and vegetarian cattle and sheep now stand in pens and feedlots eating grain-rich feeds.

The bun, chips, salad, and sauces have swamped the meat in the "beef" burger, and there is often more batter and potato than seafood in "fish and chips."  Breakfast cereals have replaced bacon and eggs, and fake "meat" and fake "milks" are lauded as healthy choices.

We can see the obese results of this green food revolution waddling down the aisles of supermarkets and ordering green smoothies and muffins in the food courts.

Green energy will prove a disaster for our economy, and green foods will be a deadly choice for many humans.  Future footpaths will be crowded with mobility scooters, and hospitals and care homes will be overwhelmed by unhealthy aging vegans.

Viv Forbes has studied science and grazing animal management.  He started adult life believing all government health advice.  He ate minimal butter, cheese, and salt and chose lots of vegetarian options, including fake meat.  Health for him and his family suffered.  Slowly he came to his senses, returned to a "hunter gatherer" diet, and experienced real improvements in health (almost too late).  In his final class at Warwick High School, one student and one parent may have been classed as "overweight."  The ABS now reports that 67% of all Australian adults and 25% of children are overweight or obese.

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The Dutch Farmers Revolt:

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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