Kamala Harris’s full-throated defense of the J6 crowd (just kidding)

It’s been a busy time in Nashville, Tennessee. During a two-week period, a so-called transgender “man” went to an elementary school and slaughtered three children and three adults. That was followed by an anti-Second Amendment, pro-transgender riot at the Tennessee capitol building, which led to the (temporary) ouster of two Tennessee representatives. The Biden administration was outraged, and Kamala Harris came to town, where she gave a speech that, while intended to attack the Second Amendment, effectively celebrated and defended the January 6 protesters.

American Thinker already noted Kamala’s attempted “fiery Southern preacher” moment in Tennessee. While the Biden administration had nothing to say about a transgender hate crime against Christians, both children and adults (very Boko Haram of her), it had an entirely different response when an angry, violent mob protested outside and inside of the Tennessee capitol building, complete with attacks on the police:

Three legislators, breaching all protocol, joined in the protest, which had reached the floor of the Capitol while the legislature was in session.

For those who have been paying attention for the last three years and two months, the Democrat response was perplexing. We’ve consistently been told on a daily basis that protesting inside and outside of a legislative building and stepping onto the floor of said building, is a crime that is literally as heinous as the Civil War itself. Any representatives who show even the slightest support for this kind of protest are as bad as the protesters themselves…which goes a long way to explaining the craven silence on the part of Republican legislators.

Image: Kamala Harris. YouTube screen grab.

Since the January 6 protests, thousands of people have been rounded up, almost all of them for the crime of “parading”—that is, walking—in and around the Capitol. Dozens of them are still sitting in a squalid D.C. jail without parole and without the speedy trial guaranteed them under the Sixth Amendment. The Biden DOJ wants everyone to know that nothing is more terrible than making your voice heard regarding politics, and you should never do that again.

However, Kamala Harris has a different take. According to her, this is what Democracy looks like:


As I’m sure you realized very quickly, I took part of the audio from Kamala’s speech in Nashville and applied it to the footage of the January 6 protesters walking through the Capitol’s rotunda, all the while staying nicely between the lines.

As a reminder, no police were killed during either protest, although on January 6, a Capitol police officer shot Ashley Babbitt to death in cold blood (an act for which he was quickly exonerated).

The hypocrisy is stunning and telling. It’s a reminder, too, that the only permanent fixture in the leftist universe is the pursuit of power. Everything else is a tool in the arsenal, to be used or abandoned as necessity dictates.

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