Japan wants a good ol' dose of US-grade wokeness

Wokeness is the secular religion that mandates fully embracing "diversity, inclusion and equity."  Sins in this religion, like "racism," "homophobia," "sexism," and so on, are beyond brief lapses in faith — they are thoughtcrimes, with the most severe punishment in store.  After all, Victor Hugo said, "to contemplate is to toil, to think is to do."

One does not have to look too far in the past to see where wokeness will lead.  A prototype of this secular religion was espoused and fastidiously practiced in former Democratic Kampuchea, its constitution proclaiming that there is "complete equality among all Kampuchean people in an equal, just, democratic, harmonious, and happy society."  What happened to Cambodia after these words were written is well-known.

The world gratefully accepts Japan's consumer technology and pop culture.  In exchange, Japan has consumed modern Western social values, albeit with some reservations.  On the one hand, even before the 2022 assassination of former premier Shinzo Abe with a homemade gun, there is little enthusiasm for firearms ownership in Japan — much less than that of European countries and much, much less than that of the U.S.  On the other hand, like the U.S. and the West, most Japanese support redefining marriage and laws to specifically protect a sexually divergent minority.  

While the Japanese enthuse over "gay marriage" and transgenderism, they are less than enthusiastic about traditional marriage and raising children.  It should not be difficult to see how these attitudes will lead to population decline; Japan's is expect to fall to 100 million from the current 120 million in about one generation.

To keep Japan's feet to the fire, the American mandarin of Japan, a Biden administration crony, demanded that Japan legally recognize "gay marriage" and give preference to a tiny portion of the population.  "I have full confidence based on the swiftness of the prime minister's actions," the American mandarin stated with a smirk at a press conference in Tokyo on February 15, 2023.

Japan has been chided by the West in the past for its lack of enthusiasm in imbibing from the West's vat of Kool-Aid.  For example, the Western media scolded Japan for being either too harsh or too lenient in its response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.  With respect to the so-called coronavirus vaccine, with more and more cases of vaccine-related injuries and deaths in Japan as well as elsewhere and declining "vaccine" efficacy, perhaps Japan's hesitation regarding the so-called vaccines was not baseless.  Nonetheless, as of March 31, 2023, more Japanese than Americans have been "fully dosed" — a cautious yet inevitable draught of Kool-Aid.   

In addition to redefining marriage, Japanese same-sex couples have also demanded the right to raise children, as do American same-sex couples.  So how has same-sex parenting worked out in the U.S.?  In 2023, a lesbian couple in Lycoming County, Pa. pleaded guilty to the "torture starvation deaths" of two of the girls in their care.  The couple face consecutive life sentences.  In addition to murder, one was charged with fraudulently obtaining welfare benefits after the girls' deaths.  In 2022, an Oxford, Ga. same-sex couple were charged with numerous crimes involving their two adopted children, including "aggravated child molestation and sexual exploitation of children."  In 2018, six non-white adopted children were murdered by the white lesbian couple raising them when they drove off a cliff in Mendocino County, Calif.  Prior to what was ruled by police as a murder-suicide, the adopted children reportedly suffered from physical abuse and starvation.  The U.S. mainstream media are quite adamant in that same-sex "marriages" are no different from marriages.  However, others have pointed out otherwise.

A tiny but strident Japanese homosexual and transgender lobby has demanded preferential treatment and protection.  These Japanese groups are nowhere near as militant as American groups, so Japanese homosexuals and transgenders have much room for growth.  How much?  English-language media outlets in Japan did not mention key facts of recent shootings in Nashville and Colorado Springs.  One English-language Japanese media outlet, citing foreign media, mentioned the Nashville shooter's transgenderism in passing.  If these were reported in Japanese-language media, it did not appear to affect the stridency of Japanese homosexual and transgender lobbies or public support for "gay marriage" and transgender protection.

In reporting mass shootings in America, the media in both the US and Japan have zeroed in on guns and racism.  Despite Japan's strict laws on guns and knives, highly motivated individuals wanting to kill will find ways to fabricate a weapon, use everyday objects, or simply ignore regulations.

In a country that is ethno-culturally homogeneous in general, racism is not in the minds Japanese murderers.  More likely, they are mentally ill.  No one in the U.S. is about to call its recent non-binary, transgender mass murderers mentally ill.  Perhaps with greater public acceptance, and Japan is rather accommodating even to strident minorities who espouse the West's secular religion, outbursts of atrocities by protected groups will emerge.

The current prime minister of Japan and Japanese "conservatives" have pushed back on the same-sex "marriage" and transgender lobbies, but they will eventually cave.  The prime minister fired an aide earlier this year when the aide made unkind comments concerning homosexuals and transgenders.  The U.S. president has cloaked himself in wokeness, and it will not be long before Japan dons that robe, too.

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