Even in conservative states, your kids' school may be über-woke

Just because you’re in a red state, that does not mean that your child is safe from leftist content. After all, most graduates of America’s education training programs started out or were taught to be leftists. Accuracy in Media (“AIM”) managed to get hidden camera footage of administrators in several Indiana schools explaining how they hide from parents that they’re still teaching CRT and anti-Americanism.

It’s apparent from how the revelations unfold that the AIM undercover operatives posed as leftist parents concerned that their children, if they attended the targeted schools, would not be exposed to leftist thinking about race and America itself. The school employees, however, hastened to assure these “parents” that they had created sophisticated systems to trick the more conservative families in the district into believing that Social-emotional Learning (“SEL”), Critical Race Theory (“CRT”), and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) were not being drilled into their children.

While all conservatives know what CRT and DEI are, they may be unfamiliar with SEL. It sounds innocuous for it argues that children with better social and emotional skills learn better and fare better in life than those lacking those skills. That’s the theory.

Image: Indiana administrator deceiving parents. YouTube video.

In practice, SEL is a way to train students to align themselves with leftist values. It begins with schools administering an endless series of “tests” that simultaneously data mine students for their existing values and seek to inculcate them with new values. Thus, they’ll be asked to tell how they feel about seeing two men kissing.  As Brian Parsons said, “it is a shift in the role of a teacher from an education to a therapist….”

In district after district, administrators tell the undercover operatives things such as “we stay under the radar,” “we just have to avoid the words,” “we don’t openly use that phrase but we’re still doing it,” “we just didn’t want to make a target of it,” and” what we’ve decided to do is not call attention to it.” In each case, the “it” is some form of racial, sexualized, or anti-American content.

In addition to doing things such as renaming the DEI, CRT, or SEL content (e.g., in Goshen, the DEI committee is now called the “work group”), school administrators admitted to coaching textbook companies to including the woke instruction in a subtle way, so as not to alert parents. Plainfield Community School Corporation assistant superintendent Laura Delvecchio explained, “We had started some really deep diving into our curriculum and kind of doing that white privilege walk and making sure, like, just understand right.” However, the school was doing all this on the down-low because “I really believe that you can do more good under the radar.”

Fairfield Community Schools teachers are using Newsela, which is a nice innocuous name, but it’s another thing they want to hide from parents. Fortunately for the teachers, most parents don’t know that Newsela is tied to the Southern Poverty Law Center and has content straight from Howard Zinn and the 1619 Project.

There is good news, though:

Fortunately, Indiana’s state legislature recently passed a budget proposal, in which millions of dollars are earmarked for vouchers to expand the state’s school choice program.

Of the $43.3 billion budget, nearly half is set to go towards K-12 education. And of that 48%, one-third will be spent on the voucher program.

Indiana did that because it has a majority Republican legislature. It’s an important reminder that local elections are every bit as important as national ones.

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