Dylan Mulvaney reveals his totalitarian side

Just for writing the headline of this piece (“Dylan Mulvaney reveals his totalitarian side”), I ought to be incarcerated, according to its subject.  My crime: using the correct masculine pronoun. Far from being merely a clownish minstrel show-like demeaning version of a woman, he actually wants it to be illegal to refer to him by his biological sex, instead of his fantasy of being a woman.

This video originally published on Chinese propaganda site TikTok, has resurfaced on Twitter:  



John Nolte of Breitbart comments:

Imagine if I said I would like to see Mulvaney arrested for calling himself a “she” or “her.” Imagine the outrage if I did nothing more than share Mulvaney’s belief that those who use incorrect pronouns are criminals. And that’s all I would be doing—sharing his beliefs.

This is the problem with the growing army of bullies and fascists on the left, especially within the transsexual movement. For my entire lifetime, we managed to peacefully coexist with transvestites, drag queens, and transsexuals. Why? Because live and let live. Because you want to pretend you’re a woman? I don’t care. It’s your life, and how you live your life has no effect on me.

But now, these people, many of whom are mentally ill, are looking to bully us into affirming their nonsense, participating in their delusion, and granting our approval of their obscenities and fetishes. Worse still, as we see in the case of Mulvaney, they want to use the oppressive power of a fascist state to force us, under the threat of legalized violence, to actively participate in their delusion.

Worse, they are aggressively looking to 1) interfere, pervert, and manipulate the natural process of a child’s burgeoning sexuality and 2) use vile medical practices to permanently mutilate children into one of them.

Oh, but we’re dehumanizing him.

Make no mistake; we are dealing with dangerous and depraved people who hate us and mean to do us harm.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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