5/11: As many as a million migrants mass at the U.S. border for illegal entry -lawmaker

This week Joe Biden touted a laundry list of immigration carrots and sticks intended to disincentivize illegal immigration at the southern border now that he's lifting the sparsely enforced Title 42 restrictions on May 11.

They were mostly carrots. The New York Times called them a "new back door on immigration," and explained that its permissiveness went well beyond the lawful congressional parameters for the admission of immigrants.

The response? More migrants at the border than ever. They're massing now in record numbers. Call it 5/11.

According to Steve Bannon's War Room (hat tip: GatewayPundit):

Steve Bannon: We had a Congressman, Andy Biggs, who sat here and said he just got off a conference call with certain executives in Big Counties on the border in Arizona, and they were telling him they had just had a briefing by Border Patrol who said along the Southern border of the United States, there’s 700,000 to a million illegal aliens prepared, when Title 42 comes off, they’re basically prepared, he said, to storm the gates. And the Border Patrol is not prepared for it. The Biden regime is not prepared for this. This Title 42 that comes off is going to be something. And of course, the mainstream media will not cover this.

Ben Berqguam: I’m over here in Matamoros, Steve. I’m right on the Mexico side of the border. Anthony is on the other side in Brownsville. We were reporting from there yesterday. I’m actually in that camp we were in about a month ago and it has grown probably doubled or tripled what it was then. It had over 1000 then. It has more than that now. And what’s happening is, as they come in, they’re just going across. We have 2000 people a day crossing here… It’s just an absolute joke. And this is before Title 42 goes away. They are lining up, they are mobilizing, and it’s going to be a mass invasion when that goes away.

That sounds extreme, but it's based on local Border Patrol reports and there are confirming reports of very large numbers of migrants massing at the borders from the local presses and some media outlets:

US prepares for more migrant crossings as border restrictions set to end -Reuters

Biden administration braces for a migrant surge when Covid-era restrictions lift -CNN

Chicago Facing ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Amid Renewed Surge of Migrants from the Border, Officials Say -WTTW

Border towns see ‘disaster’ without federal help as end to Title 42 looms -Cronkite News/Arizona PBS

Bill Melugin at Fox News has considerable photo evidence of a migrant surge in his tweets, too.

According to Biggs:

"The cartels have planned to overwhelm the system. ... They do not have enough resources to detain ... They're going to just take pictures, they're not going to do full-on processing ... they;re going to release them right into the local communities at the border It will be unlike anything we have ever seen, unlike the Haitians under the bridge in Del Rio where you had 28,000 come in over the course of three days. Basically the word the locals are getting ... they were actually told by local CBP officials 'I'm sorry you're screwed.' They live in these communities... It's going to be overwhelming, Steve." 

So based on Biden's weak enforcement and continuous admission and "parole" for all economic migrants with very little education, few skills, and zero knowledge of English, other than the training from NGOs they've had which has instructed them to say 'asylum,' in they come to America.  Joe Biden's roundheeled 'asylum officers' will call all claims "credible fears of persecution" even if the only problem is living in a gang-infested neighborhood, with family members in gangs contributing to it. With that arrangement, they will all be entitled to live and work here as refugees and asylum seekers, waiting ten years for a court date and working away in the meantime, paying zero to apply for it, and likely to treat that free admission for exactly the price they paid for it.

What's vivid here is that Biden has expanded so-called legal pathways to immigration -- taking 30,000 Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans a month -- that's 1,000 a day, expanding CBPOne mobile app applications for Mexicans and Central Americans, allowing generous family reunion passes for Central Americans which will include work authorization, even if those "families" are not here legally, doubling the number of "refugees" allowed in, which comes with a host of benefits, and setting up migrant regional processing centers in places like Colombia and Ecuador to spare migrants the cost and bother of travel to the border yet still getting in well outside legal channels. Meanwhile, the supposed "stick" of a five-year bar to U.S. entry for illegal crossers is a joke, too, as all illegal border crossers will be allowed to appeal, meaning, they will be able to stay in the states as they wait for a judge to hear their claim.

Yet with so many loopholes permitting entry, all to prevent those photos of migrants massing at the border, the migrants aren't taking them. They know that if they enter, they will be let in. If they are let in and told to go back, they won't be deported. Why bother with any of those legal pathways when the border's effectively open? None of these people want to go through a legal process -- they want in now, and their housing and U.S. citizenship handed to them.

That's the culmination of Biden's open borders policy, which not even easy incentives to migrate in a semi-legal way are holding sway over. That signals a huge mess again, with tremendous costs for the U.S. -- and full laughingstock status in other parts of the world. Unless the U.S. commits to removing every illegal border crosser, and warns migrants that the loopholes are gone, and that if they're here illegally it doesn't matter when they arrived or how many U.S. kids they have, they aren't going to pay attention to any carrots. The damage is done. The Bidenites are now effectively reaping the consequences of their Swiss-cheese open border and the result will be a flood.

 Image: Twitter screen shot

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