Chicago elects a new mayor who defended looting

Not quite one third of registered voters (33.2%) bothered to vote in Tuesday's election for the next mayor of Chicago, and the non-voting two thirds may soon regret their electoral passivity.  Brandon Johnson, a far-left radical, has won the race with a 2.8% margin at the latest count, and thanks to his anti-police stance, the crime wave driving businesses and residents out of the city will only get worse.

Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson (Twitter icon).

Andy Ngo highlights Mayor-Elect Johnson's anti-police rhetoric:

The term in office of Lori Lightfoot, defeated with an ignominious third-place finish in the primary in large part because of public disgust over crime, may soon be regarded as the good old days.  The Chicago Police Department, whose union backed Johnson's opposition, former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, is sure to see more resignations and retirements, further aggravating a severe understaffing problem.  With the police presence on the streets diminishing, and a mayor who cheerleads crime, life in Chicago will get worse.  Much worse.

I have a number of friends who live in Chicago, all of whom have been worrying about a possible Johnson victory.  Now that he will be the next mayor, I wonder if they will be leaving.  If they do, they will have plenty of company.

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