A big rat departs Joe Biden's sinking ship

Susan Rice, President Obama's former National Security Adviser who now serves in Joe Biden's inner circle as his domestic policy adviser, is out the door, beginning May 26.

According to NBC News:

President Joe Biden’s domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, is stepping down from her post next month, multiple current and former senior administration officials told NBC News.

The move brings to a close Rice’s prolific, wide-ranging and at times controversial tenure overseeing Biden’s domestic agenda — including some of the thorniest political issues, such as immigration policy. During her more than two years in the role, Biden has signed executive and legislative actions on health care, gun safety, student loans, policing and other key priorities for Democrats.

Rice’s last day in the White House will be May 26, according to a senior administration official.

For someone that addicted to the inner circles of power, it must have been quite significant forces driving her out.

One theory as to why she's going worth considering is in the confluence of events first described by Mark Wauck at his blog, Meaning in History, on the recent testimony of former CIA deputy director Michael Morrell before the House intelligence committee admitting that he orchestrated the hoax letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials, claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop revelations were a Russia disinformation operation, at the bequest of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who at the time was a Biden campaign operative:

And so the question is, Why now? There was no reason for Morrell to blab to the GOP House—he could’ve said that he forgets who prompted him, that it was just a spontaneous groupthink idea of 51 ex-intel people, anything like that. Instead he answered very directly. That’s not how the Deep State operates, not how Dems operate. Morrell would not be doing this on his own, say, because Zhou didn’t put him at the head of the CIA. He was instructed to conduct this as a political hit, or part of a political hit campaign.

What’s behind this? Specifically, why has the Deep State been unable to make these revelations of gross Zhou [Joe Biden] family corruption—perhaps the most in US history—stick?

Here’s a theory. I would posit an internal struggle within the Left, prompted by the realization that the Zhou team is leading the US into a national security and foreign policy disaster of catastrophic proportions. The intel pros realize that Zhou and his inner FP circle—Nuland, Sullivan, Blinken—are an existential threat to the American Empire, and so they’re the ones prompting the drip, drip, drip of leaks. They need this march into oblivion to stop ASAP. Most of them couldn’t care less about the Woke part of the Zhou agenda. They care about their Class continuing to control a worldwide Empire, and for that to continue the Empire has to continue to exist.

Based on what's known, the Russians are chasing the U.S. out of Syria, Russia is snatching our reporters, China has emerged as the top diplomatic powerbroker in the Middle East, China leads the much-vaunted BRICS nations seeking to topple the primacy of the U.S. dollar in international trade, China is buying up our strategic assets and spying on us without consequences, even setting up police stations, only one of which has been shut down. Most critically, China can beat the U.S. in an actual war.

It seems credible that there must be a foreign policy establishment deep state that recognizes that the U.S. is well along on the road to oblivion, rapidly becoming little more than another banana republic, and it's unfolding before their eyes in foreign policy disaster after foreign policy of disaster, the latest of which is Sudan. They can see that they're not going to be of much importance if the U.S. ship goes down. No more rich Virginia suburbs for them premised on their tremendous global power and prestige. No more Georgetown cocktail parties. No more war-profiteering and NGO consultant contracts. They'll be about as important as Belgium and about as respected as Nicaragua, global laughingstocks whose power has vanished, representing a transgender superpower -- after the surgery.

For that, they want Biden out and are moving in multiple ways to discredit the senile old puppet whom they supported in 2020.

Wauck posits that it's actually a power struggle between the foreign policy deep state, whose rice bowl is being gutted by Biden, and the wokesters in the rest of the government and the press:

 What’s preventing the Deep State faction from gaining the traction they need in the MSM—so far—is the Woke faction, which includes most of the MSM. The Woke faction believes that the Aberro-sexual agenda takes precedence over all else, including national security and the continuation of the King Dollar regime. This is the hard core political Left that populates the MSM and legislative/executive/local government positions. They’re super well funded but know that their agenda will fall if Zhou falls, so they support him at all costs, hoping against hope that what they put in place will not be able to be rolled back.

So that may explain why Morrell blabbed out the truth about deep state's shenanigans, in a strike at Blinken, who pretty well runs the bad foreign policy.

Roger Kimball at American Greatness has noticed that Biden isn't the only target of these leaks -- it's also his top lieutenants who are taking incoming in a bid to take Joe Biden down.

A few days ago, it was reported that an unnamed, senior IRS special agent was seeking whistle-blower status in connection with the ongoing investigation of First Son Hunter Biden, who has serious tax problems. 
According to a letter from the agent’s lawyer to several House and Senate committees, the agent laid out multiple examples of “preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject [i.e., Hunter Biden] were not politically connected.” The agent’s allegations also “contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee” and “involve failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case” against Hunter Biden.
An “unnamed senior political appointee,” eh? Well, that unnamed status didn’t last long. On Thursday, the New York Post reported that the international man of mystery was none other than Merrick Garland himself.

...and so is Antony Blinken:

What does it all portend? Probably about the same thing that the revelation last week regarding Secretary of State Antony Blinken portends. Blinken, it transpired, was the origin of the campaign against the story, first reported by the New York Post, about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” Forget about the salacious bits—the drugs, the guns, the whores. More damaging were the emails detailing some of the Biden family’s corrupt business dealings with various foreign entities, dealings that clearly implicated the “Big Guy,” Joe Biden. 

Beyond those two, whom Kimball named, there also was a significant hit on Susan Rice in the New York Times last week (I wrote about that here) as recognizing that Biden's border surge was a result of Biden's policies:

Parents in deepening poverty began sending their children to the United States to earn money — part of a phenomenon some immigration advocates call “voluntary family separation.”

In 2021, as images of children sleeping under foil blankets in overflow centers dominated the news, Susan E. Rice, the White House’s head of domestic policy, told staff members she was frustrated with the situation, according to five people who worked with her. Ms. Rice vented in a note she scribbled on a memo detailing the position of advocates, who believed a pandemic-era border closure was compelling parents to send unaccompanied children, sometimes called U.C.s.

In other words, she knew all about the migrant child slave rackets that were emerging as a result of Joe's open borders and recognized the incentive those policies offered to human traffickers to bring yet more child labor slaves into the country, yet she continued to mouth the Biden policies or at least go along with the Biden claims about there not being a problem and Trump being to blame.

That revelation that she knew all about this didn't make her look good.

The Times believed there was a connection:

The New York Times reported last week that Ms. Rice’s team was repeatedly shown evidence of a growing migrant child labor crisis, including a 2021 memo in which staff members warned of increasing indications of human trafficking, according to people familiar with the matter.

 Which is laughable, given the Times's earlier report. Never informed? Really? Obviously, either she, or whoever pushed her out, saw a disaster coming on with Biden slated to lift Title 42 COVID restrictions in mid-May, the thin string that allowed a few migrant expulsions amid the ongoing border surge, and now thousands of migrants are massing at the border to barrel in with no restraints whatsoever so long as they say 'asylum.'

While Rice is classified as 'domestic,' in her role, she's never far from foreign policy, as Ric Grenell has noted: 

Whether she went on her own or was ousted, a big rat has left the sinking ship.

If Wauck is right, it's all a big bid by the innards of government to stop Joe Biden from running for president a second time. Biden is a shell of a man controlled by his ambitious and overreaching lieutenants. Knock out that Praetorian guard and Biden will be a limp, loose jellyfish of a president, easily swept away by some bigger forces among the Democrats. They know that Republicans have a potential winner in Donald Trump, and if they manage to knock him out through legal attacks, another potential winner in Ron DeSantis who could step in and take that role, both of whom would be spectacular presidents.

That would explain why they are acting now, striking at Joe through the pillars holding him up. Knock those out and Joe goes, too.

Image: Screen shot from PBS video, via YouTube

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