Unraveling male bombardments into female domains

Maybe this is because I don’t feel insecure about objectively not being able to do everything a man can, but few things bother me as much as seeing women demand entry and “equal representation” in male-dominated areas when these ladies are neither qualified nor equipped (both physically and mentally) to accomplish the task at hand as well as a man.

I certainly don’t mean to say that women only belong barefoot in the kitchen, or that women can’t achieve historic gains based on merit. Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical school in 1951, or Karen Quinones, historian and owner of Patriot Tours who was once a top mathematician on Wall Street in the 1980s and the only female in a sea of men, ought to be known by all Americans. Jefferson and Quinones weren’t handed “accomplishments” for the sake of biological diversity, they earned them because they were/are phenomenal and brilliant women.

(Disclaimer: the following thoughts are based on generalities, because of course there are numerous exceptions and outliers.)

What I do mean to say though is that when a career field requires brute strength or extreme physicality, or it’s the stereotypical ‘poker night’ where a brotherhood is the foundation, women have no right to demand inclusion.

Yet, they forced themselves into roles in which they didn’t belong and weren’t wanted, and time and again, proved themselves to be a distraction, a dilution, and an impediment to a successful mission or a pleasant atmosphere.

As I thought about it, female-led initiatives to occupy male domains, ones in which these women lack the merit or body parts to be included organically, is a decision-making process based completely on emotion — how’s that for irony?

When women demanded roles in combat, they didn’t care about the safety of others, because there will always be a man who is faster and stronger; they held zero concern for a focused mission, considering what a female presence does to the dynamic in a deployed location; and they could care less about the people they supposedly serve as they bled the taxpayers more to install separate facilities all across the world. However, I actually would argue the physical differences are less of a dealbreaker than the mental differences between men and women. Of course, in a battalion of men, some will be weaker than others — but they’re all thinking like men, and (in theory), they all have similar levels of testosterone, which are far above those of a woman. As we all know, testosterone levels have tremendous bearing on mental development, endurance, focus, etc. (I once had a pastor tell me male brains are like waffles, female brains are like spaghetti, and it seems rather accurate.)

As a child, my mom used to host a Bunco night every so often, and I cannot imagine my dad, or any of the other husbands even wanting to be included in a women-only activity; it would have been entirely alien.

Yet now, there’s been a strange shift. We’re provided with daily examples of men barreling their way into female territories, and, because truth is objective, these men come in and dominate.

These men in question are obviously, men in drag.

Girls cried misogyny! when boys had their own things going on, and now they’re reaping what they sowed, and find themselves as footstools to the real misogynists.

Men have stolen all sorts of athletic records, beauty crowns, academic achievements, and of course, the most ironic of all, female representation.

Hershey Chocolate just celebrated a man front and center for International Women’s Day.

Jill Biden just honored a man with a women’s “courage” award.

Tampon brands recently awarded men with endorsement deals instead of women.

In October, makeup retail giant Ulta chose two men to host a discussion about female beauty.

Womanhood, and all things female, have become a costume for disturbed men.

What I find most peculiar though, is that when a man appropriates femininity, he often adopts the obnoxious desire to intrude and insist on his own way, to the detriment of everyone else.

Irony, upon irony, upon irony.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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